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You Can Foundation Organized a Webinar on ‘Changing Dynamics of Education Sector’

“Education is a 3-step mode, first is learning, second is understanding what was learned and the third is application of that learning.”

On 4th July, You Can Foundation organized the 2nd episode of it’s ongoing series ‘changing dynamics of the education sector’. They had invited four speakers for the session. Ms. Uma Sharma, principal of PKR Jain Vatika School (Haryana), Dr Anuradha Govind, principal of JM International school (delhi), Mr Ved Prakash Sharma, principal of California public school (Punjab) and Dr Shuchita Gupta, Academic director of Learning Temple school (Jammu & Kashmir).

The moderator for the session was Monis Shamsi, who is the founder of You Can Foundation. The session started with moderator introducing all the speakers of the panel. The very first question that the moderator put in front the speakers was what is the idea of education. Replying to that, Ms. Uma said that education is the development of a human being. It helps to evolve the talents that we already have.

Adding to the point, Dr Anuradha said that education is not just about marks. It’s a transformational and a wholesome experience. Mr. Ved mentioned that it helps us adjust to difficult and adverse situation.

On being asked the difference between schooling and education, Ms. Uma replied that we need to devise a system where both aspects compliment each other. Mr. Ved highlighted the need for a skill-based learning in schools. Dr Anuradha made an excellent point that we need to introduce experiential learning from nursery itself. She explained it by giving an example that instead of just coloring, we need teach students to self-draw, which is much more effective.

The moderator then raised the point of treatment and well-being of the teachers, to this Ms. Uma Sharma replied that we need to be flexible with the teachers and allow them to teach in their own way. The teachers need to be given little advantages and emotional backup. She also suggested that there needs to be model teaching sessions for the teachers. When asked what are the skills that are missed or ignored from the schooling. The speakers highlighted that very less attention is being paid to the learning outcome and the self-study skills. According to Dr Anuradha, we have been ignoring the art of asking questions.

Mr. Ved raised an important point that the education is a 3-step mode. First is learning, second is understanding what was learned and the third is application of that learning. Dr Shuchita made a significant remark about the importance of moral values and how it needs to be inculcated practically.

The session concluded with moderator thanking all the speakers for an enlightening session. You Can Foundation, founded in 2013, is an NGO that was started with the vision of empowering the youth by providing them volunteering and learning opportunities in the development sector.

Voice of Margin on many occasions has collaborated with the You Can Foundation

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