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Yesterday’s Patriarchy is Today’s Capitalism

You would think that in times where major industries run because of women, they wouldn’t have to worry about getting paid less than men.

Over the years, the world  has  seen significant changes in the business marketing strategies across sectors. A closer look reveals women as one of the reasons as they  are responsible for  the rising  revenues of  some of the major industries like fashion and beauty. There is no question that if all the women in world were to start working, the GDP of every country would escalate remarkably.

As more and more women are choosing to work and become independent, there are many industries whose demand has grown. Food industries have seen a spike in recent decades because of it’s convenience. The women who go to office, now have an option to order food rather than making it after coming home from a long day of work. Many nuclear families outsource help in the form of maids, cooks or nannies because of their busy schedule. Yet another industry that gains from women coming out of their homes.

You would think that in times where major industries run because of women, they wouldn’t have to worry about getting paid less than men. This is what exposes the sham of these industries and their manipulative ways through which they  once again oppress women for their gain, using the cover of a progressive society.

From no one recognizing their existence as house wives to a capitalist economy now preying on career-oriented women to keep their market afloat., it may seem like we have come a long way, but not much has changed. Only the ways of oppression have become more creative. These industries have capitalized a gender and it is only because of that, women are important for a market driven capitalist economy.

Here the mechanisms of oppression work the same like any  other sector. The capitalists gain profit by just saying that they  care about women without ever actually doing anything. Still, this strategy works wonders and the reason for that is very saddening. The bar set for the steps taken towards women empowerment is so low that even something as small as talking about it, earns a lot of support. Capitalism makes big bucks by doing not even the bare minimum.

A similar  scenario can be seen in the field of politics where every party wants to gain votes with numerous false promises of uplifting the women of the country. If there had to be any sincerity in those promises  the one thing that they should be immediately doing is pass the women’s bill in the parliament. But they will never do that because if that bill is passed, then they will actually have to do something.

There is no denying that capitalism has helped by opening up a free market economy, but has it helped in liberating women is still a topic of debate. It is a weapon used by the elites, who not so long ago didn’t even consider women as a contributing part of the economy. Capitalism has the tools to actually work for the betterment and upliftment of women but instead focuses on accumulating the wealth.

Capitalism is marked by an underlying layer of sexism. Only when we reject the narrative of the privileged about the capitalism, we will see that the one’s reaping its benefits are they themselves.

Nicole Aschoff, who is the editorial board member at the socialist magazine ‘Jacobin’, once very aptly said, “the goal of capitalism is not a better world. It is to make a profit.”


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