Why Use Animated Videos for Your Business?

As a business, you may need hundreds and thousands of words to explain your products or services. However, reading those countless words is not possible for your potential customers. Video content of 90-120 seconds, on the other hand, can easily be accessed in the collage, at the metro station, or even during office breaks. So, you should understand the value of those 90-120 seconds to explain your business and its offerings to your customers. For this, you will need a company that offers the best animation video production services in Delhi. An animation video can do wonders. These videos are the finest way to keep your targeted customers engaged and interested in your business. It can be also be used to improve the conversion rate and boost leads and sales.

If you are still thinking about how powerful animation videos can be for your business, check out the points explained below:

Stand out from the crowd with animated videos

Over 85% of businesses are now using video content as an effective marketing tool. This percentage is going up with each passing year. Even 92% of the marketers using video content like animated videos say that including this marketing tool is a must-to-do thing for every business. As we all know that digital marketing is the most competitive method. So, to pave a strong foothold in your industry and increase the rate of success, adding animated videos to your marketing strategies is more than important.

Boost your rate of conversions

An interesting animated explainer video on your landing page can help you increase the rate of conversion by up to 85%. These videos not only ensure customer engagement but boost your leads as well as sales. And that is one of the greatest reasons why most businesses are now investing in these videos. These videos are designed to make communication tempting and easy. As per the study, nearly 84% of customers said that they have decided to purchase the item only after watching the product video. It is because a video is there to convince the visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

Improve the rate of engagement

To succeed as a business, you will need to engage your existing as well as potential customers. They must feel that you are available for them all the time. Otherwise, everyone is familiar with the term “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND”. To keep your customers engaged with your offerings and business, you should use video content. Since people are spending more time watching videos, animated and other videos are the greatest way to effectively communicate with your customers and visitors without taking a lot of time.

Help your valuable customers to understand your business and products

When it comes to making an impression on new customers, a sales meeting plays a vital role. Gone are the days, when you put a PowerPoint Presentation in front of the customers to tell them about your business and offerings. Now, these boring presentations may not help you keep your targeted customers connected. But an interesting animated video can! You know that movement and motion with different characters, music, and voice can keep your target audience connected and engaged. No matter your customers are from what country or region, and engaging animated video can tell them about your products and business. These videos can help your clients make an informed decision.

Build brand awareness

Promoting a brand and its products are quite a difficult task, particularly when the market is filled with countless similar products and services. Explaining your uniqueness or USP and making it relevant to them is quite a difficult process. To make this thing possible, you will need impressive communication as well as superb convincing power. And for this, an animated video can be used to explain your brand and offerings in a short period. A good company of video production services in Delhi will help you get such imposing and attention-grabbing videos to promote your business and build brand awareness.

Some Interesting Stats about Animation Videos for Business

Still, have doubts about the usefulness and effectiveness of animated videos for your business? Just look at the stats given below to have a clear understanding:

  1. Around 83% of digital marketing experts say that these videos helped them generate more and more leads
  2. Nearly 43% of video marketing experts believe that animated videos for business have reduced the total number of support calls
  3. About 84% of people say that they bought a product after watching video content or animated video
  4. Approximately 74% of people agreed that video content inspired them to download software or an app
  5. Almost 83% of video marketing specialists said that including video content in their existing strategies was a winning trick

Closing Remarks

Ready to get an animated video for your business but do not know where to get started? Find an experienced provider of video production services in Delhi to get the best quality of videos for your business without breaking your bank.

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