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Why is JNU Protesting Against Fee Hike

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Jawaharlal Nehru University which is considered to be one of the most premium universities in India is always surrounded by a hotbed of controversies and a lot of protest phases. The university has seen a lot of protest over a ton of different issues so much that every year JNU manages itself to flash over national broadcast channels as their breaking headline. From protest that saw a student lockdown with the administration against the hanging of parliament attack convict “Afzal guru” to the protest which erupted after a student named “Najeeb Ahmed” went missing after a brawl in the hostel premises, JNU has consistently been in news.  Once again recently, a massive protest rolled out in Jawaharlal Nehru University and this time the issue was the sudden fee hike.  Hundreds of students gathered and started protesting against the hostel and curriculum fee hike in the university.


The proposed fee hike in JNU says that the fee for the hostel accommodation will be increased from rupees 10 to rupees 300 for a double occupancy room where as for the single occupancy the fee was raised from rupees 30 to rupees 600 along with an additional charge of rupees 1,700. This coupled with the mess fee of rupees 3,000 a month takes the total annual fee up to around 60,000 rupees. After seeing this much of hike in the fee structure the fire got ignited among the students which eventually led to the protest. The top-notch university is credited with enabling the under privileged students to study as well. The students who come from the BPL (below poverty line) background manage to seek education in JNU because of the affordable fee structure, however due to the fee hike the opportunity of studying in a premium institute now seems like a mirage for these students.

After the fee hike incident a bunch of masked goons allegedly from the right wing barged into the university premises and started beating up students and teachers creating chaos and terror. Due to the dust-up students and teachers were brutally injured and were hospitalized. In this incident the JNUSU president “Aishe ghosh” has also been attacked.

From 2016 Jawaharlal Nehru University has been the hub of controversies. JNU is also famous as a university where the student union is very strong. This added to the standoff as both the parties refused to bend. The administration is justifying the fee hike by saying that the room rent have not been revised in 30 years and they are spending around 10 crore each year over electricity water and service charges

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