Why is a mobile app so “expensive” – Why does it cost so much?

Why is a mobile app so “expensive” - Why does it cost so much?

Why is mobile app development so “expensive”? When asking about prices, this question always falls out on the part of the interested party during a personal meeting. Of course, he quite rightly asks the question, as he is unaware of the background processes since He only sees a “button on the display”.

Let’s see what a standard mobile application for iOS/Android platforms consists of.

Let’s start at the very beginning. The actual work and the conclusion of the contract are preceded by a minimum of two negotiations, where it is clarified for both parties what they expect from the other. After a series of consultations, a colleague who specializes in this writes the so-called specification, which is the first but most important part of the project. It builds the necessary infrastructure, plans the processes and adapts the technology to it, with the involvement of an additional qualified colleague or colleagues. The wireframe is completed, which is approved by the customer, and then the FIRST step of the actual development begins.

In UI/UX design, we need to adapt to current trends, align with the company’s image, and create the right typography and color scheme for it. Once we have agreed on this section with the client, we can move on to the logo and UI designs, where the pivotal point is to suit the target audience we want to reach.

Tens of hours of work have already gone by and we haven’t even hit a single line of code. A sufficiently stable and demanding application requires a minimum of two senior development colleagues, whose hourly wage is sometimes between $25 and $40, but it can be much more or less.

Then the coding can start: here we can’t expect spectacular results because we don’t implement the necessary/discussed functions overnight. It should take a minimum of 10-15 business days for the encoding result to be visible.

Our client is constantly following each stage of development from start to finish. You will get access to our own APP store where you can always see the latest version. It is a natural process to ask questions or have comments as development progresses, which often leads to changes, but this is always taken into account when setting the deadline.

After making the changes, we will reach the test period when the customer will receive the complete material for testing. This includes 2 weeks, during which you can gather any further changes you need and send us what might not be in line with his or her ideas.

Once all changes have been made and accepted by the customer, we will start the publishing process, which will take a different amount of time for each project. In our experience, the app will be uploaded to Google Play in approximately 3-6 hours. We have never experienced a problem here.

As simple as Google Play is, the AppStore is so much more complex and complicated: here it takes days for a decision to be made, which in many cases can be negative, meaning that the application is returned for error correction. In this case, we will try to fix the problem as soon as possible so that there are no further obstacles to publication.

It will be accepted and available from the store in about 2-3 business days. Then, of course, everyone is happy and happy that the project was a success. We pass the source code and access and wait for the application to achieve the desired success.

And now let’s count a little: the wireframe made according to the specification, as well as the design, usually takes 5-7 working days for a developer, which ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 calculated 8 hours a day.

As mentioned, the coding process can take 20-35 business days (or even more), as this is when individual requests, ideas, modifications, etc. are made. Projected on a developer, also 8 hours a day, it ranges between $3,500 and $6,000. However, we emphasize that these are only average calculations, the amount of development of the project is greatly influenced by the idea itself and its complexity.

Based on the development process, it can be seen that these are not fast-paced projects, but rather demanding applications that are precisely designed and based on the coordinated work of several people because otherwise, we would not develop them.

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