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Why Bother?

A lot of times we let things slid stating that if we rectify them, the society will question them on why did they do so. Our lives have been nothing apart from the decisions we let society inflict upon us. So why bother taking decisions? Why, when everything is already pre determined as most religions believe or determined by the society, why take the blame upon ourselves?

A criminal does not become one until some factors force him/her to. Be it trauma during childhood or the society. Recently buzz around covid-19 is going on where irrational assuming is taking place and being practiced. Although a lot of people know what to do in times of crisis yet a vast section of society don’t. What they want for is survival. They know it, so they simply don’t bother about the rules and regulations surrounding covid-19. But if it’s this simple to not bother then it should be even simpler not to worry. But it isn’t.

Mental health disorders are arising and in more than half of the cases the patients blame themselves for contracting the illness.

So why bother? Why bother from a basic question as to what you had for breakfast today to why bother how the universe functions? The answer is I don’t know. Maybe it feels good to us. Maybe we get a sense of belonging. Maybe we take charge of our own life by doing so. Maybe we want to be thanked. Maybe we want to be hated. Maybe it’s just how it is. Maybe we’ll never know.

But we know one thing. Bothering much is bad. And we are humans. They say we are in charge of ourselves, but deep down we just want to make a mark on humanity by not being influenced by humanity itself. Which is impossible unless you were raised by chimps or aliens or I don’t know maybe unicorns! So stop going so hard on yourself. Breathe. Don’t bother.

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