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Who is Fooling Whom?

All, including Supreme Court of India, boasting Modis, cribbing opposition leaders, shouting mouths and acerbic pens in the media, continue to hide like rats in holes, while the mafia rules the roost!


This probably is an eternal question that human beings need to ask themselves periodically. Fooling others is one of the predominant human endeavours. But in recent times, there has been a very pressing need to ask this question, in the wake of all round miseries caused by human failure to manage and control spread of Covid-19. Misinformation abounds that has been spread by the authorities, media and social media users alike! Since the time Corona has been spreading in the world, the spread of misinformation regarding it has been trying to keep pace with its own escalation. The question hounds ‘Who is fooling whom?’ As we go through following paragraphs and try to delve deep, we shall slowly but surely realize that no one else but we ourselves are responsible for our present ordeals.

I do hope that at least no intellectual retorts, “But what are our ordeals, how are we suffering?” Since as one reads this, hardly there will be any of us left, someone or other close or known to whom would have not suffered and suffered badly on account of the dreaded corona virus. Is such suffering, unprecedented in near past, only because of some inevitable natural calamity that was due or overdue? Or is our hardship a result of human failure also? If so, to what extent? Leaving aside debatable and unanswered questions, human failure and even human involvement has been quite conspicuous on many counts. That has been deliberated upon partly in my earlier submission at this very platform, and in some more detail in the last chapter of my recent book ‘We the Oodles.’ But even so badly suffering, I don’t find anyone in social media or media worrying about or asking any questions about the acts of human commission and omission that are causing such widespread human misery. I fail to comprehend how come that people around me and in the world media continue to indulge in same petty talk and issues as earlier while chinks in or fault lines of human evolution lie so much exposed and when very survival of self or nears and dears is being threatened!

How hopelessly have we been conditioned, not able to think a wee bit beyond what we are habituated to in the course of our evolution! What I find too appalling is that conditioning of our minds is so strong and deep rooted that we are not able to come out of it even in the face of imminent death or deaths of nears and dears or untold suffering and hardships! While Covid-19 with a bag full with miseries is knocking at every door, the intelligentsia of the world continues to be preoccupied with same mundane business, petty talk and poor jokes as always! You go through interaction on any social media group or in media, and you will understand what I am saying. No one is even now scantly prepared to open eyes and see that something grossly wrong has been and is hitting the mankind!

I can’t and don’t mean that man should do away with daily chores and start brooding alone. What I am talking about is that preoccupation of minds of the world’s so called intellectuals still with same petty and mundane issues, as so conspicuously visible, is something too amazing! Their upbringing appears to have made them foolhardy enough not to listen to something logical and very relevant not only for them but for humanity as a whole, for their future generations just because it is being talked about by someone among them. They must listen to something only if it has the stamp of rogue or ignorant media, rogue or ignorant leaders, or rogue or ignorant preachers etc.! They must never resort to zero based thinking and apply their own God given grey cells or common-sense! The conditioning of mind over the life time only must reign supreme! What a tragedy! Meaning of what I say, I hope, will be further clearer from the following text.

I now refer to yet another earlier write-up by me on this very platform: . I have reproduced two letters in it which were duly sent to all the addressees including some select media that poses to be above board like the Hindu, NDTV, the Statesman, Indian Express etc., Zee TV (because it is exposed in the book), Editors guild of India, Press Council of India etc. There has been absolutely no response from any quarter – either any of the authorities, or anyone from the media. All, including Supreme Court of India, boasting Modis, cribbing opposition leaders, shouting mouths and acerbic pens of the media, continue to hide like rats in holes, while the mafia rules the roost!

While the billions across the world continue to be bombarded with a gargantuan fraud round the clock through TV and newspapers! I am unable to comprehend how Supreme Court of India among all institutions and newspapers like the Hindu and the Statesman and all the editors of India could act so unashamedly and so irresponsibly as not to utter a word or move a finger when too massive a fraud and crime continued to haunt us all, perpetrated through hundreds of celebrities and highly reputed gentlemen like Mark Nicholas, Sunil Gavaskar and Harsha Bhogle! Those gentlemen could be having some axe to grind, but what about those at the receiving end? Hundreds of millions of cricket fans and tens of millions of cricket bettors/punters! Why are they quiet? Can they now complain of being fooled if they are happily accepting the same? Are they not fooling themselves by gleefully accepting the elephantine continuous crime? And continuing to crib about petty pick-pocketing here and there? Before you start wondering about the connection between it and present miseries from Corona virus, please peruse following excerpts from the book ‘We the Oodles’:

“Isn’t mankind to blame itself for the situation it finds itself in today? Was it not weakening itself tremendously while acting immune to a massive proven and open international crime for seven long years? If the world had reacted 7 years earlier as it was expected to and it must have, fundamental corrections in human systems would have been necessitated and many would have been in place by now such that probably the world would have not been undergoing the present torture—that of its own doing. But, egotistic fool as man is, people continued celebrating their degradation thinking that why should they bother about the darker side of something that was giving them pleasure and kick; oblivious of the fact that cause and effect mattered, everything under the sun remained interconnected, that they were bound to pay a heavy price for their folly one day. Even today, undergoing so many miseries, we don’t appear to have learnt any lessons. Both ICC and WHO are going about with their business as unashamedly as ever. That means the world is going on as it has been, not learning any lessons. ………….

What we conveniently forgot was that the degradation of the magnitude evident in our cricket couldn’t and didn’t remain confined to only one pocket. It had to percolate to other pockets also. Has it not been utterly self-deceiving to expect the media having no credibility, and an establishment and judiciary acting blind to a massive fraud, to deliver truthfully in the interest of the people in routine? And when it mattered most? While the culprits like media and establishment continue scratching each other’s back, the masses and, unfortunately, also the intellectuals continue being fooled, rather helplessly.”

What is even more concerning today is that even after the book ‘We The Oodles’ laying bare everything has come into existence, there is not the slightest dent on the folly of the authorities (to act rogue also is an act of folly) and the intelligentsia alike. Cricket being scripted like movies for over a decade is no small revelation. Even more mind-boggling is the revelation that it has been continuing so despite lying publicly exposed for more than 7 years. The revelations are beyond questioning by anyone as detailed in the book. The revelations and their further reinforcement through inaction by the authorities still, mean that present day Indian Government is a big sham, with our present Prime Minister being a top drawer liar and a cheat. That Supreme Court of India, held in much awe and esteem, is even a bigger sham.

Absence of any reaction by the Indian media, activists or intellectuals and the intelligentsia and continuance of their obsession with Trumps and Kamala Hariss’s or any Tom Dick or Harry but not the systemic collapse around them, while facing the real threat of Covid-19 shows that they are the biggest sham of all – a wonder creation of God! Too foolishly, people are awaiting their doom, not at all inclined to fight the rotting roots! They remain helplessly and hopelessly conditioned beyond any redemption! It will be wrong for them to complain of being fooled, they themselves are being foolish and suffering today on that account; sadly!

The basis of all religions is pursuance of Truth. With mankind as a whole, across religions, pursuing and celebrating extreme falsehood; the religions – for which men kill each other – become redundant. Like everything mortal I am perishing slowly but surely, seeing with awe and utter disappointment how the world, including the millions of well educated intellectuals in it, continues to be steadfast with its self-defeating folly!

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