Who is Bihari?

There is no denial to the fact that this world is a land of stereotypes.It is easier to break the bones of a person than stereotypical mind that is existing today.I would really want to know the borderline term usually associated with people hailing form bihar as ‘Bihari Ho’???

Being Bihari is a long live prejudice and are turning into xenophobia these days.I really want to addressed my question to those people who repeatedly smirk and remark as ‘Bihari ho,Bihar se ho? How do you acknowledge Bihari as?

A person who hails from bihar or a person who is uncivilized,stupid has a funny weird accent or has no rich legacy in fashion?

To let you know,Bihar tops the list in terms of illiteracy but that does not mean all Bihari’s are illiterate.I mean what does it even mean to say that one does or does not look or sound like a Bihari.

Most of the time Bihari’s are being sarcastically associated with hardworking and intelligent.If Bihari’s are diligent and laborious,so are you. This is a pointless remark.To let you know Intelligence is Universal but hardworking is parametric.If Bihari’s works hard unlike you as smarter because of the pitty fact that resources are not been provided or utilised the way it should be like it is done to other metropolitan cities.Bihari people struggle because of the unavailability of service.To get rid off these problems they work hard and succeed.

If you smirk and sneer at Bihari’s, it is like falling into borewell with no bottom.

I pen down saying that sun never quits shining , despite sometimes clouds just get in way.So keep the Bihari in you alive and shine.

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