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Where are Thy Clothes, Gentleman?

There goes a popular story about a king roaming naked in the town and nobody daring to tell him so until a child asked him, “Where are your clothes?” Today, in India one experiences all the institutions, none excluded, going about naked in the town, quite aware since the grownups are repeatedly telling them so. But the kings have lost all the shame and are happily parading themselves naked – shamelessly. Continuance of a thoroughly exposed gargantuan fraud and crime in the name of cricket unabashedly amply proves so. And this fraud is being sold and marketed 24×7 by none other than the mainline media that claims and is supposed to be the conscience keeper of the society. A recent book brings that out with documented proofs and records.

A bigger question today is, ‘is it that only the kings are naked?’ ‘What about the populace?’ In democracy, the people in general now have the courage to ask the king, “Where are Thy clothes?” But does anyone have the same courage to ask that question of the people themselves? By its very definition ‘Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.’ So how appropriate is it for the people to blame the government and the authorities all the time for their failings? Is it not that the people fail themselves first, driven by hypocrisy and ego above everything else? Don’t we crib only when something hits us personally, and prefer to remain mute spectators when injustice and wrong-doings are happening all around us? And when we make noise collectively on some issues like Nirbhaya rape case, Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death, Hathras rape and murder case etc., are we doing it of our own volition or are we being goaded to do so by the media? If we apply our mind a little, we would know the answer.

Many other cases similar to those cited above are occurring periodically around us, but we keep quiet about those if media keeps quiet. If we think hard, we shall easily discover that we are concerned about self-interest only all the time, or are being used as puppets by media or political leaders or so called preachers.

We continue to suffer and degenerate, because we don’t understand the truth. We don’t see our own folly and failings. We shun the real crusaders among ourselves and worship fraudsters and the corrupt as heroes, super heroes, and our leaders. No one asks us, “Where are Thy clothes, gentleman?”

We forget a very pertinent saying ‘Nip the evil in the bud’, and go about life accepting the evils, many complaining about those and some even not complaining. Acceptance of evils leads to their reinforcement, everyone destined to suffer. Are authorities, media, or judiciary to be blamed for continuance of an open massive public crime debasing the humanity as a whole? Or is it public to be blamed for accepting and allowing this crime to continue? Surely public is more to blame. To many, the thrill and excitement from the cooked-up cricket matches was more important than any of the far-reaching implications of the crime and the fraud; to others it was none of their concerns.

I can go on and on. But I hope the point is made and understood. Like the child of the story, I ask not of the king, but of you, “Where are Thy clothes, gentleman?” You put on your clothes, the authorities and the kings will also then have to clothe themselves.

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