“When pygmies can cast such long shadows, it must be very late in the day”.

Thus spake the sages. And that sums up the politics of the India of today. With such pygmies as the NSA and the CDC having been called upon for these most important tasks involving the defence and the national security of India, all they have managed to do is to entrust themselves with carrying out the monkey business in Kashmir. And these pygmies have admirably lived up to that appellation. But now failing to rise to the occasion to tackle the job that is on their hands in Ladakh, they have merely thrown a monkey wrench into the workings of the central government which has been caught with their pants down by China as a result of their push in Ladakh.

Finding themselves unequal to the challenge posed by the Dragon, they would instead prefer to “kill a fly under the wheel” and give themselves a pat on the back for such cowardly acts as engaging without provocation and killing the untrained, uninitiated, scarcely armed but justifiably angry youth of Kashmir. Or by riding roughshod over the genuine aspirations of the people of Kashmir for demanding as commonplace a right as the right to a life of dignity and honour, and subjecting them to an existence marked by a loss of their identity and culture which has been under unprecedented attack as part of their life-denying agenda. For such and similar other cowardly acts, these pygmies would wish to fancy themselves as ‘men of the moment’, never mind the unprecedented shame and curse they have brought to their country by so meekly capitulating to the Chinese ingress.

  1. For starters, that should not be surprising: a small, scheming mind that has been trianed to catch and kill ants and mosquitos cannot be expected to tackle a Dinosaur or tame a wild elephant in the room. That needs guts, wisdom, intelligence, talent, strategy and above all the valour to take on a far mightier adversary. Courtesy the PLA, their bluff has finally been called, though it is still a far cry before they are shown the door. For fear that that would amount to a tacit admission of defeat in Ladakh at the highest level, a prospect that would pitchfork India in the hall of shame, while compromising the political fortunes of the small time politicians who have insidiously, but successfully, subverted the entire system, the vast network of democratic institutions in India to advance their single-point agenda of sticking to power, come what may, and destroying the nation to a point of no return. Unless the gullible people of India, not excluding the educated Indians, saw through the stratagem and made themselves count.

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Written by M A Sofi


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