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When Chickens Come Home to Roost

Look what is happening around! Being witness to the passing of the bill in parliament for curtailment of his powers as Delhi chief minister and giving more powers to the LG who represents the Centre, Kejriwal is being served the just deserts. Why!

Was he not the one who had cheerled a similar move when the local government was unconstitutionally dismissed in Kashmir and later all the powers were vested in the LG who was imposed upon the people here from outside. And did he ever raise noises about the abrogation of article 370 which was rammed through in the parliament in brazen violation of the constitutional propriety? To me he comes across as a mirror reflection of the Modi-Shal duo, except of course that unlike them, he doesn’t have blood on his hands and that he somehow manages to deliver on his promises on vikas, aka development, unlike his role models who he is steadfastly emulating elsewhere, now as a true advocate of Hindutva .

On the other side, how about this recent episode involving Prof. Pratap Banu Mehta resigning from his job at Ashoka University because his writings which are being seen as anti-Modi are perceived to cause collywobbles to the Ashoka University administration?

Well, I have been an avid follower of PBM for quite some time now, not only involving his columns on education but equally passionately his writings on politics and society. However, of late, a lot is being said and revealed about his role as a columnist involving his essays written about a decade ago when, to quote Prof. Rajiv Kumar, “He had thought that Modi’s role in the 2002 Gujarat progrom was irrelevant to his natural place as the leader of the Indian nation”. And that “It is hard to think that PBM would be too small to not remember Modi’s role in creating and presiding over that mayhem in the early spring of 2002”. These are indeed disconcerting thoughts, redolent of chickens finally coming home to roost!

Let these lessons be not lost on those who can think, analyse and articulate on developments that are currently unfolding around us. My reference is obviously to large section of the Indian intelligentsia including journalists, academicians and public figures “of eminence” who are gleefully buying into this propaganda and who seem to hold such outlandish views as that Kashmir would witness unprecedented peace, progress, prosperity and development in the aftermath of August 5th, 2019 when article 370/35A was abrogated in flagrant violation of the provisions of the Indian constitution. These well heeled, self-seeking sycophants would do well to visit Kashmir for once and witness for themselves the cesspool that Kashmir has been turned into, especially since the present gang of street smart politicians had taken over the reins of power at the Centre.

One can only hope and pray for the situation to change for the better and that can happen once people of this place begin to look within, set their priorities right and put their house in order without expecting even a modicum of courtesy from those who cant do better than setting this place on fire, as they relentlessly continue to do now and without compunction. Else, we are doomed, as would also be those thinking Indians who see the evil, sit back and do nothing and so be fated to end up as a Kejriwal closer home or those who had looked the other way while the holocaust was underway in Germany.

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Written by M A Sofi


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