What Are the Must-Have Features for a Car Wash App Development?

Over 70% of people across the globe depend on using car washing services. To deliver such a large consumer base, you need to think twice about the important features and overall functionality of the app.  

The car wash app development must be built with a list of quintessential features. The car washing app works for customers, drivers, and service providers. Every section has different features. How they all are functional, let’s know more.  

Must-Have Features: Customer Panel   

 User Login/Signup  

This section allows users to log in via credentials or by social media accounts. The details are autosave for quickly signing in.  

Custom Monthly Pricing  

This feature allows the users to choose their services and pay for them. There are different plans like monthly, yearly, or weekly. Users can pick any one of them as per their budget.  

Various Services  

Users can choose any service without reaching out to the service center. The car washer will pick up the car and after the service return it back to the same place.  

Service providers can offer a list of services including engine check, oil change, denting and painting, car-washing, etc. which decides the car wash app development cost.  

Payment Module  

It is certainly the most essential feature of the car washing app development process to add. Multiple people are using different types of payment options. Merchants support the payment gateways to give maximum benefit to the user. This includes wallet payments, credit and debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc.  

Must-Have Features: Driver Panel  

Provides Service Location  

The service provider is giving their services at different locations to reach a large number of customers. But there is a central authority i.e., the service location for handling services across different regions.  

 Services Status  

Car washing app development supports plenty of services. To aware people of all services, there must be a status update feature. This helps to acknowledge users about their ongoing service status.  

Payment request  

Once the request is raised for the car washing service, the payment will automatically be generated and notified to the user.  

Must-Have Features: Admin  

Manage the Technician’s Profile  The car washing app serves millions of people. To handle such a large amount, skilled technicians are required. They have years of experience serving user demands. This feature allows admin to manage their profile based on their experience, skills, and expertise.  

Managing the Registration  

The car wash app has large data sets at the back. As people do their registration during the peak hours of the day, but there is no hour’s schedule for this. To manage all of the activities of registration, there should be a support team that can find out the total number of active users and their choices.  

Managing Reviews  

To manage the reviews according to the different categories, there should be a managing reviews section present in the app. The user who is satisfied with the service leaves a positive rating in the feedback column while the dissatisfied user can drop their rating with a review on the space. It must be the responsibility of the admin to take action on their suggestions and plan for the improvements later.  

Manage the different Time Zones  

It is important to connect with the different service providers at their region’s time or when they need the service. Admin can use this section to manage the services as per the different time zones.  

Final Thoughts!  

The car washing app industry is filling a huge gap by giving basic and most essential services to the users at their comfort. They are addressing large segments so it’s important for them to add lucrative services into their mobile apps.  

Frankly, an ideal car wash app development company with a high level of expertise is a good option to work for your app creation. Octal Info Solution can be your app partner to leverage your place in the global market.

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