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West Bengal’s Politics and the Forthcoming Assembly Election


The West Bengal is now a central political battle field of different political wings(right and left). This political competition has been started long before. Here TMC, the ruling political party is gradually losing its support in spite of innumerable works (showering of development work and direct cash transfer to the different stakeholders and so on). But it submerges within huge corruptions almost reporting daily. The development boat and self-declared good governance are not enough to hold people’s support and faith. It has lost its honesty promised to bear and care for the sake of the people’s interest. This party’s organisation is under control of hooligans, and principle is nothing and the leaders of this party have hardly any honesty. It is just deceiving of the people ruthlessly. One headed and dominated supremo has facilitated to emerge feudal lords throughout every corner of the state. It has created agony and doubt among people. That’s why, it appointed a non-political consulting agency to repair its licks aiming to keep its rule in the assembly election 2021.

BJP emerges as the second largest political party of this state so far as political supporters are concerned. According to the result of the last parliamentary election (2019), it gained and spread its support gradually. This nationalized political party is trying to take advantage variously. But arrogant leadership (mostly Kolkata based) is playing the religious card to turn the heads of the people. It then uses the trump card of corruption of TMC’s leaders. Basically, the leaders of TMC are handling this party’s victory in the forthcoming election 2021. Since 2014 the entire country has been witnessing the worst in every social, economic and cultural front. Even in times of the pandemic, it has failed to show any better hope to the people.

The third competitors are mainly the alliance of the CP(I)M and the INC. Both of these parties are in an alliance because these parties, especially left wing has become weaker due to the torture and threat of the ruling TMC, poor and aged leadership and weak and broken organisation. It is going to make a mistake of alliance with Congress because anyway, these two parties have no matching principle in Indian politics. This alliance in 2016 was affected the base of CP(I)M.

Anyway, politics of the West Bengal turn to dole orientation and relationship between people and government has become a give and take policy. Consequently, development of the state is not for sustainability, and it is for temporary gain. The ruling government has failed to deal with the unemployment problems, and other needed urgent attention. The situation of the state in terms of political affairs has been eroded day by day. The forthcoming assembly election, 2021 might witness a huge conflict and unrest under the sponsorship of the ruling party and it would use police administration for it very purpose of forceful political gain. It may adopt every tool to loot votes creating an environment of fear and BJP will try to counter it so that the common mass would face its dare consequences. So, the Election Commission of India should be very conscious, and it should take proper step to make this election exceptionally peaceful by which people may cast their right fearlessly without any provocation of threat, etc. The Election Commission of India should also assure to stop the process of purchasing of the votes.

Lastly, West Bengal may face, obviously the problem of hanging assembly. No party or alliance will get a single majority.  In any case, to save the people of West Bengal from the Hindu extremist, BJP, will CPM and Congress alliance support TMC to form a government and in what conditions that have to be decided?

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