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Webinar: You Can Foundation’s Fifth Episode on Changing Dynamics of Education Sector

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On 25th July, 2020, You Can Foundation hosted the fifth episode of their ongoing series, ‘changing dynamics of education sector. This week’s webinar had 4 panelist, Ms. Sabina Keshwani, principal of Apeejay school (Mumbai), Mr. Anil Kulmar, Principal of DPS Faridabad, Dr. Pratima Daipuria, Dean of PGDM prog, JIMS and Ms. Indu Punj, founder of Stories Matter.

The moderator for the session was Mr. Monis Shamsi, Founder of You Can Foundation. After the introduction of all the panelists, the discussion started with the moderator asking all the panelists about the role of education in their lives. Pleasantly, every panelist had a common remark that they chose education as career because they were very passionate about the field. They didn’t get into this field by chance, rather by choice. They also had similar views on the importance of learning as an educator.

Moving onto the next question, the moderator asked Ms. Sabina about the absence of reflective experience in classrooms. Highlighting her own work experience, she said that she has always ensured the holistic development of children. She also pointed out that at times, the curriculum doesn’t matter, it all depends upon the educator. They need to introduce field-based learning and collaborative learning in schools.

The moderator, then asked Ms. Indu about the lack of inclusivity and empathy in the children, to which she answered that the only way children will learn about empathy, is to bring in experiences from daily life. it’s not something that can be taught with gadgets. Mr. Anil highlighted a very important point of living with the values that we are learning. If the teacher is not truthful, then the same cannot be imparted to the children.

Ms. Pratima was then asked about the improvements that can be made in the schools. According to her, students when they get into college, lack in decision making power, creativity and expressing themselves. Throughout their schooling career, everything is structured for them by the education system, school management and the parents. They don’t get a chance to make their own decisions. Talking about the same, Ms. Indu said that the onus has to be on the child’s shoulder.

When asked how do schools balance the competitive environment among the students, Mr. Anil stressed that the issue of competitiveness arises because students don’t accept things as they come to them. This is where the role of a teacher comes into place. Emphasis should be given to collaborative learning.

The Session concluded with moderator thanking all the panelist for being a part of the panel discussion. You Can Foundation, founded in 2013, is an NGO that was started with the vision of empowering the youth by providing them volunteering and learning opportunities in the development sector.

Voice of Margin on many occasions has collaborated with the You Can Foundation.

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