Vote Those Candidates Standing for Basic Changes Singh Sabha

Chandigarh 18 February (2022)

       This coming Sunday vote those candidates supporting federal structure and who stand for demolishing the ruling elite patronising mafias, corrupt elements and misusing police and official machinery to perpetuate their control over power.

       Politicians have been exploiting demographic Hindu-Sikh fault line and practicing the British-type ‘divide and rule’ policies to win elections by raising bogey of hyper-nationalism thriving on religious and communal vulnerabilities of different communities. That the seven-decade-old communally laced “‘Rashtrawadi” politics is still being advocated and practiced which resulted in the army attack on Durbar Sahib in 1984 and rendered Sikhs the target of genocidal attacks in several parts of the country is a matter of concern and must be defeated by the spirit of Punjabiyat.

       Hindutva followers have all along been portraying Pakistan as an inimical neighbour and got Punjab borders shut which has ruined the State’s economy by closing the centuries-old trade with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Punjab’s economy could be regenerated only by opening Wagha and Hussainiwala border passages.

       Voters must exercise their franchise judiciously in electing only those that espouse Punjabiyat, project a roadmap for the betterment of Punjab and not be swayed by false promises of third alternatives.

       Signatories to the statement are: Prof Sham Singh, Senior journalist Jaspal Singh Sidhu, Er. Gurpal Singh Sidhu, Gurpreet Singh Ex-President Global Sikh Council, Gurbachan Singh Editor Des Punjab, Surinder Singh Kishanpur, Rajwinder Singh Rahi, Er. Surinder Singh and Navtej Singh.

 Issued: Khushhal Singh, General Secretary Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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