Vikas Dubey

  1. This Vikas Dubey fiasco involving his death in an ‘encounter’ near Kanpur today should hardly come as a surprise. This because that is the kind of India that is fast capturing the imagination of a vast section of Indians, including those who are ‘educated’ and who see it as perfectly normal when extra judicial killings are resorted to by the law enforcing agencies. And to those who have been following the political developments in Kashmir, that comes across as completely commonplace. More so because the innumerable custodial deaths and the countless disappearances of Kashmiris in jails, both in and outside of Kashmir, over the past thirty years have not received the kind of public/police scruitiny as should have been the case in a democratic polity. 

What is common, however, in all these instances of fake encounters/disaapearances is this complete absence of accountability of the law enforcing agencies, aided as they are in such acts of state sponsored goondaism, by politicians of all hues, of whom the current crop of those ruling the Centre and some states like UP are simply without equal.

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Written by Amin Sofi


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