Using "Pygmies" as Punching Bags

Much as the routine killings in Kashmir do not attract much atention from any quarter in India, the recent killings of many Kashmiris including of some Kashmiri pandits and a non-Kashmiri street vendor in Kashmir have surely drawn wide publicity and deserve to be severely condemned and in no uncertain terms. However, the selective outrage pouring in from mainland India while holding Kashmiri Muslims to account for these barbaric acts of terror is completely unreasonable, unconscionable and comes across as a plain act of insanity. The underlying reasons for this insanity derive primarily from a pathological lack of empathy for Kashmiri Muslims who are being seen  by the Bhakts and their masters to deserve death, disease, destruction and desolation. As opposed to that, the fact is that holding them accountable for acts of terror against those who were on the receiving end of life-consuming violence some days back in Kashmir is plainly tendentious and strains commonsense.

Unless the Kashmiris across communities and regions wake up, smell the coffee and get their act together to call out their common enemies who have robbed them of their lives and livelihood, their culture and their land, this place shall continue to survive, but as a living hell. It’s not going to help anybody’s cause to resort to demonising and bashing Kashmiri Muslims everytime cases of violence upon minorities in Kashmir are reported. Other than the usual villain of the piece who have the license to maim, maul and kill, the faceless, nameless perpetrators of violence are far too numerous to pin down one particular cabal or community for such acts of terror and horror being committed upon the innocent civilians in Kashmir.

Here it needs to be understood that despite the eerie similarities between now and the nineties in terms of attempts aimed at causing yet one more exodus of certain sections of Kashmiris which is being engineered by the selfsame enemies of Kashmir and of its people, the similarities stop right there. As opposed to the then Kashmir when the Resistance Movement (RM) was calling the shots and the militants were armed to the teeth to ‘fight the enemy’ while the neighbour across the border was sitting pretty, providing the logistic and moral support to the RM, none of that is seen anywhere in sight to conjure up a repeat of the grisly spectacle of the 90s. So where do we go from here?

The least that one could do is to do everything in their power to thwart and stop in their tracks those forces who are out to ignite passions that may lead to another exodus from Kashmir, and of which no one in Kashmir had a clue till the mass migration had actually come about in 1989. At that point  of time when Kashmiri Pandits were brainwashed into migrating to the plains of India by their masters in Delhi, Kashmiri Muslims stand to lose as much now as during the 1989- migration, should the enemies of humanity succeed yet again in their devious machination to engineer one more exodus of minorities from Kashmir. That would be insane and would serve no purpose, save for those filthy minds, those dirty souls who have a long history of feting themselves on the blood of voiceless, innocent humans while treating Kashmiris as pygmies and using them as a favourite punching bag.

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Written by M A Sofi


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