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Unemployment in India – Problems and Solutions 

Unemployment basically refers to the state where an individual is deprived of work in order to attain livelihood in the form of income. This problem is witnessed basically in overpopulated countries where population is quite large in comparison to its limited resources. The economy of a country suffers setback because of employment, which plays a major part in the development of a country. Every country has a different way of dealing towards this problem like for example in India there was a scheme of 1000 rupees per month as an unemployment allowance announced by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh in 2012 for poor youth who can maintain their studies.

Similarly Universal pay Income of 5000 Rupees per unemployed by the Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during the Lok Sabha 2019 Election Campaign was an effective plan since that would motivate the unemployed youth to a large extent and would have curbed in the prevention of various crimes as the youths would have found themselves in a state of business. Mostly youth commit crime owing to the fact of not having enough economical support from the government. There is lack of social development too responsible for this problem. For example- In India this problem is mainly because of lack of institutions such as Health care and Education which nearly accounts for certain percentage of employment. Doctors and teachers are finding themselves in a state of bother as far as the employment area is concerned.

Employment generation takes place by investing in institutions of maximum percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on health and education also assisted with providing special training to the teachers and medical practitioners which in turn lead to the overall development and construction of nation, since a healthy and educated individual will only be able to tackle his needs and requirement on a day to day basis. Globalisation of education and health care would also culminate in bringing new brains and would liquidate the economy of a country. The problem of unemployment is quite grave which can be traced to old times, under-developed countries are facing ever worse condition than those of developing nations.

Developed countries do not seem to face this issue, owing to their holistic development with limited population and huge resources, these countries attract brain drain from other countries on a large scale owing to limited manpower. For any country to prosper, population control should be initiated since large population leads to shortage of resources per individuals which result in various negative activities like theft, murder, extortion, money- laundering, thug, dacoity etc for the sake of money along with land related offences. All these penal problems as mentioned are stated in Indian Penal Code, 1860. The trial is conducted and justice too is given but the work to curb all this is the reason of unemployment and the concerned connected laws associated with it.

There should be population control law made in the concerned legislature of any country which Indian Government is failing to do so currently. There was a time in India when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, the law related to population control was initiated but that did not last long. The current Indian Government apparently seems to neglect the important issues that can generate the employment like Health Care and Education as already mentioned along with Agriculture, Industrial development etc which generates employment in the form of labour, manpower and resources on a large scale. There should be unemployed allowance of which, women should be provided more in comparison so that they can process their maintenance of livelihood also can maintain themselves. The problem of unemployment and initiating laws to tackle it is being neglected by the Indian Government.

To conclude, the unemployment contains lots of negatives and if not handled by the concerned nations it would be quite fatal in the near future.  Example of India with 135 crores of population where there is lots of income disparity, currently there is no room being visible of employment. The Indian government is not focussing on developing infrastructure such as agriculture, medical health care, school construction, proper education which constitutes greatly for employment. Employment is the problem to every negative activities of crime as already mentioned earlier.

Once there is development of institution there will be demand for manpower which will assist in problem of solution of unemployment along with the population control policy. Last but not the least the government should involved big players of corporate house under corporate social responsibility to come forward and aid the poor in getting the employment by collaborating with government to build institution effectively. With all these points, it is quite clear and evident that problem of unemployment is not impossible to solve yet it requires special concern from the government.

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