Uncouth is that uncouth does

A tourist, a yatri or anyone esle visiting Kashmir who has no compunction to defecate into the clean, pristine, shimmeting waters of lidar nallah of Pahalgam or urinate into the gushing waters of Aharbal waterfall is a brute, third rate, uncivilised, uncouth bloke who doesnt deserve to be counted as a normal human being. There are innumerable cases of yatris having been to Kashmir in the last few years who were found to pollute the fragile ecology of the aforesaid locations as a result of such life-long habits of poor personal hygiene acquired over long years back home. They surely are the ones who would pose the greatest threat yet, by throwing all the Covid-specific guidelines to the wind once they land in here and visit the tourist destinations, markets etc and whatever comes their way during their stay in the valley. 

Sadly, most of the modern day visitors or yatris from other states in India who are being egged on by the state to visit here, come across exactly as those who have no use for such niceties as taking necessary precautions to maintain personal hygiene or social distancing to avoid contracting or causing the Covid virus. They are the ones who have nothing to lose, even as the local population has everything to lose by such people thronging the valley in the midst of such an over arching, life threatening pandemic which would have disastrous consequences on the health of this place and its people. How could such a monstrosity be allowed, even encouraged, to take place at a time when such stupidities are strictly prohibited, and also penalised, in the rest of the world?

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Written by Amin Sofi


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