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Twitter Campaign on Arrest of Meeran Haider

Arrest of Muslim student activist has caused rise in anger among Muslims. Meeran Haider a Jamia scholar and RJD party member has been booked under UAPA however Tejaswi Yadav has not uttered a single word against his arrest.

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BJP’s anti CAA law has created a lot of hullaballoo across the nation. After the enforcement of CAA, a massive rage was seen across India. Students from various reputed universities were out on streets protesting against the discriminatory law. Gradually a lot of Muslim student activists became a prominent face of the protest. Eventually, these student activists came under the radar of the BJP government and were arrested or booked under UAPA law.

Hundreds of Muslim students are raising their voices against the witch-hunting of these Muslim student activists. Recently a strong campaign was trending on twitter against RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav. The campaign was connected to Meeran Haider, a scholar of Jamia Milia Islamia and a youth leader of Rashtriya Janta Dal, who was arrested by the Delhi police for hatching conspiracy to incite the communal riots in Delhi.

Nabiya Khan points out how RJD is using Muslims as vote banks despite the fact that the party is not uttering a word against the arrest of Meeran Haider. This shows the hypocrisy of the politicians. A party who see Muslims only as vote banks rather than a community whose rights to freedom needs to be protected.

Meeran Haider who is a rising face in Indian politics as a Muslim leader holds a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and is also a post-graduate in International business. As a person, he is very vocal with his views and opinions.  Due to this, his career took a U-turn and from an engineer, he became a student activist. Meeran was an active face of anti CAA protest.

Ironically, a party which has always come up in support of Muslims is now keeping quiet on the arrest of Haider. Muslims have solidly stood behind the party and its ideology and are RJD’s core vote bank, despite the fact, none of the senior leaders of RJD is ready to take a stand against the witch-hunting which is going on. Seeing the scenario, a lot of students from Bihar have vowed not to vote for the party until Tejaswi does not demand the release of Meeran Haider.

It is extremely bizarre to see that the Muslim veterans from politicians and academicians, activists to intellectuals who always have a major impact on the community are dead silent. Another disappointment is that none of the Muslim leaders of the RJD is uttering a word. When the party cannot stand for its members itself then it is hard to believe that they will ever stand up for the minorities in Bihar.

On the other side, there is alarming questing that how can a son of a prominent leader who believed in fighting for marginalized keep his mouth shut? Just like Lalu Yadav who fought fascism throughout his life, Meeran Haider has continuously fought against the right-wing ideology, more recently against the discriminatory laws of CAA and NRC. Meeran Haider who has a modest background and who brought alive a campus where politics was dead, resonates Lalu who started his own career from student politics. However, the resentful veracity is both of them have been the target of the witch hunt, and both of them today stand lodged in jail.

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