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Turning a Pandemic into Communal War

While the world fights a pandemic, India is dividing patients on the baisis of their faith. An incidnet of ‘Nizzamuddin markaz’ has pushed the Muslim community in witness box for the spread of Covid-19 cases in the whole nation.

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Past few months have turned out like a nightmare for the entire world. The whole world is fighting against a demon which is neither visible nor curable. Pandemic which is known as “Novel Coronavirus or Covid19” has infected tons of people all over the world. The virus which has China as a country of origin has rapidly spread its wings across the globe. It has turned out to be one of the most devastating and deadliest viruses over a period of few months.

When the world is fighting a battle against the pandemic in which lakhs of people have lost their lives at the altar of corona, we in India have been busy in segregating coronavirus patients based on their faith. To add fuel to the fire, the mainstream media is continuously injecting such a communal drug into our blood stream that may take ages for detoxification. In India, the tables were turned when the whole pandemic crisis took the face of communal war. The fire got ignited in Delhi the capital of the country, when on 22nd March 2020 the police authorities shut the door of ‘Nizzamuddin markaz’ taking out nearly 2500 jamatis who had travel histories from India and other countries and who had attended the religious gathering which took place in Delhi.

The news spread fast. One of the major roles was played by the mainstream media which sensationalised the news. It pushed the Muslim community in witness box, and made them responsible for spiral of Covid-19 cases in the nation. About 23,452 cases of Covid-19 were reported till 24th April of which nearly a third had originated from the jamat incident. As per government’s claim around 8,000 people were present in the jamat including several foreigners.

Gradually a lot of fake news and videos went viral over social media telling about how the people who were evacuated were spiting on the doctors and were not ready to get themselves tested. In no time the matter went worse. Once again the dominant role was played by media. Every day the national news channels flashed the headline about how Muslims were blameworthy for the spread. The news literally defamed a whole community and degraded them. The news channels caught hold of this news for such a long time that at the end hatred rolled out in the whole nation and people became hostile towards the community.

After this whole fiasco, news from various parts of India started popping up showing how Muslims were targeted and traumatized by the people on streets. A set of fake videos started circulating on the social media with the message that community is deliberately causing the spread. Later, many videos were found to be either fake or related to some other issues instead of the Covid-19 cases. By the time fake news was exposed whole pandemic had taken a communal turn

India’s islamophobia was projected in the whole world and eventually a lot of hate tweets started to flood. Due to a bunch of people the whole community had to suffer the backlash of majority. At least 5million tweets and re-tweets against the minority once again made them realise that they are the second-class citizen of the country.

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