Top Success Secrets To Gain More Australian PR Points

Want to move to Australia and start a new life there, but don’t have enough points to qualify your application for the Australia Skilled Migration Visa? Now, you might be pondering over how you can score more points so that you can qualify the requirements for the skilled migration Visa without any hassle.

Prior to considering the tips to increase your points in the Australia Immigration Points Calculator, it’s quite important to take a sneak peek into the types of general skilled visa categories so that you can make a better choice. Well, there are 3 point-based visa categories that can help you accomplish your goal of getting the hold of Australian PR without any hassle. They are:

  • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491

For all the 2 categories mentioned above, you’re required to score 65 points out of 100 points in the points assessment grid. These scores are evaluated on the basis of certain parameters such as age, language proficiency, relevant work experience, academic qualification, your skill set and many more. So, it’s always advisable to score a minimum of 65 scores, so that you don’t encounter any problem at a later stage.

Not Having Enough Scores? Follow the Success Secrets and Score More

• Try to Receive a Nomination from a State or a TerritoryWell, if you’ve been nominated by a state or a territory, then you’ll be asked to apply for the visa subclass 190 or 491, as per your choice. If you chose the category of 190 Visa, then you can gain 5 more scores.On the other hand, if you choose the 91 Visa, then you’ll given a score of 15, that in turn will ease the entire process of Australia skilled migration system• Re-Appear for your IELTS Language proficiency TestScoring good marks in the IELTS is the best way to ace up your overall scores in the Australia PR points calculator. So, if you’ve got low scores, all you can do is appear again for this exam and try to gain more this time.With a Competent level of English, i.e. with IELTS 6 in all the four abilities, you get 0 Scores,With a proficient level of English, i.e. with IELTS 7 in all the four abilities, you get 10 marks and with a superior level of English, i.e. with IELTS 8 in all the four abilities, you get 20 marks.So, make sure you score higher so that there is no complication at a later stage.• Try to Complete a Professional Year in the Kangaroo LandCompleting a professional year in none other than the Kangaroo Land, you can gain 5 marks as per the Australia skilled migration system. The professional years are available to graduate students in the field of Engineering, Accounting and Computing. So, you can enroll yourself in a course that suits you the best and achieve maximum scores.• Try to Obtain More Work Experience in the Kangaroo LandIf you’ve the required qualification, then all you can do is gain more work experience in the relevant field. Moreover, it should be paid and full-time, as the unpaid jobs and internships do not count in the PR points calculator. The work should be for at least 20 hours per week, if you want to score more.• Try to Become a Translator with Valid AccreditationYou can receive 5 more marks if you’re an accredited translator or an interpreter. Moreover, it should be from a renowned institution that must match the Australian standards.

Final Words

You all might be aware that the PR Points are awarded on the basis of certain parameters. So, if you’re low in scores, then you can follow the above success secrets, that will help you in boosting your scores and make the entire process a cakewalk for you.

You need to improve your educational qualification, work experience, language efficiency and try to secure sponsorship from an Australian Employer or one of the states or territories. Following this can ameliorate your points and help you achieve your dreams. Good Luck!

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