Through the minds of a surgical striker…

So you are asking for surgical strikes after the recent pulwama attack. Lets take you through what its like to do this strike.
Training of these warriors is done daily. You don’t just pick up a weapon and go into enemy territory saying I am going to hunt some dudes.
You wake up at 5am everyday run 5kms with a 5 kgs of load and a weapon (AK47 preferably) in under 20 mins.
You wont be able to do this even on your cycle. Then comes something in the forces we call as commando PT. 45 mins of pure breaking of your body, climbing ropes, chin ups, pushups, crunches, toe touches, heaving and so on..
You don’t even know when the orders will come for the strikes. Sometimes you wont even know what the mission is. You just follow the leader and trust him.
You service your weapons and wait for the hepter to take you near the dropping zone.
As the hepter nears the position of deployment. You take a deep breath and calm your nerves down. The adrenaline in the air is too high. You slither down take your positions and just pray that the enemy isnt aware of your plans. Then there is a hike of almost 7 to 8 kms as you cant take your hepter in the enemy territory. You move swiftly with a 40 kgs back pack with ammunition and ration laying you down. But then the training keeps the men motivated and in under an hour the point of no man’s land is reached. The final communications with the command is established and then the team will go into radio silence. There will be no chatter on the radio least the enemy taps the conversation. The rifles are switched to fire mode and the safety is switched off. As you infiltrate the enemy territory, you realise you are no longer in safe territory. Every man on this side is trained to kill you, every rule this side isnt applicable for you. The main target is further down around 6 kms. You move through the dead of the night moving swiftly yet not making a single noise, cause every twig that you trample or every breath you take amplifies in the dead of the night. Your eyes are burning due to constant exposure to the Night vision devices.
Finally you reach the place of a
Strike. You have already recced the place and everyone will take up positions.
Remember no one knows you are there. Then the first shot will burst through the night. Breaking the silence and also the surprise that you have carried till now. This is when all hell breaks loose.
You move swiftly eliminating targets after targets and constantly on the move so as not to become a target yourself. Just imagine shooting people while on the move in the dead of the night and darkness and the constant fear that any time a stray bullet can send you packing for ever. This game is not like the movies that the firefight goes on for hours. This is a matter of minutes and within under 3 minutes after you have eliminated the places and scrounged it for the last living soul. You start heading back. And this is where the hard part begins. The surprise is broken the enemy knows you are there. You may have finished him, but you have also hurt his ego and the enemy wants revenge.
You are running as fast as you can with the straps of your 49 kgs pack pierce your shoulders. The enemy is firing hot on your tail. You weave in and out of the trees to avoid the fire. At the same time you have to look where you keep your feet cause the whole place is laced with mines that can guarantee to rip your foot apart. You just cannot loose your nerve at this point. You cannot give up. And then you return to the other side of the border and the first thing you do is bend down and heave a sigh of relief…. And then you look at your buddies and just laugh.
Yes another mission done and dusted. Cant wait for the next one.
Now just go through this and imagine how much could you have been able to go through if made to go through these circumstances.

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