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Third Webinar on the Changing Dynamics of the Education Sector by You Can Foundation

On 11th July, 2020 the You Can Foundation organized the webinar with third episode of their ongoing series “the changing dynamics of the education sector”. The panel included 6 highly esteemed educationist from different part of the country. The moderator for the session was Monis Shamsi, founder of You Can Foundation.

The session started with moderator introducing all the panelists. M.S Rahman, director of Kosi valley international (Bihar), Dr Neera Sharma, principal of DAV public school (Punjab), Dr Kunal Anand, principal of Delhi public school (J&K), Dr Priti Ojha, principal of Delhi international school (Delhi), Ms. Kavita Sanghvi, principal of SVKM’s Chatrabhuj Narsee memorial school (Maharashtra) and Mr. Mustafa Majid, principal of St. Xavier’s high school, Haryana.

The very first question that the moderator asked the panelists was the role of education in their lives. Dr Priti said that education is not limited to just textbooks. We should engage and go beyond textbooks. Education should mean exploring and celebrating failures. Mr. Rahman highlighted that education is a man-making process. It molds us into a fine human being.

When asked how education has changed your personality, Dr Kunal Anand said that education is a holistic development. it not just helps to speak well but also behave well. It helps us to differentiate between right and wrong. Talking about his personal experience, he said education has transformed him. he considers himself not as an educationist but as a learner. Education has taught him how to differentiate and understand what he wants. Mr. Mustafa said that education makes us good human beings. When we educate ourselves, we make change. He emphasized the need for education to be compulsory for everyone.

Answering the question, how has her experience been with education, Ms. Kavita shared that education has made her empowered. It takes us to a different level where we can change lives. Talking about experiential learning, Dr Priti articulated that any education becomes experiential with resilience. Nowadays, the habit of spoon-feeding children has grown to such an extent that it is preventing children to be exposed to different kinds of experience. An important point was also raised in the panel that the main thing about experiential learning is reflection.

Talking about the decision-making gap among the children, Mr. Rahman said parents and teachers should be proactive. Children should be exposed to various scholastic and non- scholastic activity. Focused should be given on skill-based learning.

While discussing the role of school in enabling critical thinking, Mr. Mustafa said that parents are scared of letting their child make decisions. The decision-making habit should be groomed in since childhood. School is the only place where a child gets a chance to take decisions on their own.

Taking up the question from Avijit Chakravarti, advisory board member of you can foundation, Dr Kunal said that in a time when there is an abundance of information, it is the responsibility of the school to tell the students about right and wrong. Taking up his second question, Dr Priti said that teachers should expose the limitation of mind and be ready for a change.

The session ended with all the panelists thanking the moderator for a unique and a relevant session. You Can Foundation, founded in 2013, is an NGO that was started with the vision of empowering the youth by providing them volunteering and learning opportunities in the development sector.

Voice of Margin on many occasions has collaborated with the You Can Foundation.

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