Thermoplastic Rubber Seal & Gasket – Santopseal

We manufacture a wide range of custom Santoprene extrusions in the form of gaskets, O-ring cord, tubing, and seals. Our products have become an integral part of industrial sectors like construction, automotive, healthcare, food processing, marine, appliances, electronics, and aerospace, to name a few.

SantopSeal manufactures the things that keep things working.  Our products help keep the rain out and the air in. Or we can help bring the rain in and keep the air out.

Santoprene is a versatile, recyclable, strong, lightweight from the doors and windows of your house to the appliances in it, across industries from agriculture to aerospace, medical to construction, and throughout the industrial and consumer markets, and affordable material with endless uses. SantopSeal is proud to be headquartered in the hardworking, industrious city of Pittsburgh, PA where we manufacture Santoprene rubber-made products such as Custom Extruded Seals, Tubing, and Gaskets for use around the world.

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