The Story of a women

Who is a women ? Who is she ? Who is a girl?

These questions arouse because its a man’s world . Everything revolves around him.

His needs , his powers , his respect , his responsibility .

Then why is a women born?

Women, a little piece of man’s created world.  His rules,  his kingdom.

A girl’s birth starts with a man,  his father who wants to protect her, hide her, and sometimes overpower her, in the ways what she can do and what can’t. From here her journey starts to this world. Her father never realises that she is as much capable as anybody else , you just need to let her be strong and free. Then comes her brother who always remains overprotected and sees her like she can’t or shouldn’t do things.  “Oh, How can she drive? ” ,” How can she go out this time? ” . She is always surrounded  by boundaries and have to struggle to break them.

The comes her husband who goes to office early morning same as her and Yes,  her husband allowed her to go for job like it was his right to do that and he takes pride in it.  They both come home but food is her responsibility like it is gender specific.  He never touches more over never enters the kitchen because come on he’s a man,  how can he.

Society made things so simple for him.  He doesn’t know cooking, it’s OK, he is tired, boys don’t do that but if a girl doesn’t know cooking she gets into existential crisis.

A girl having an opinion is shushed down because it’s not sanskari enough. Everyone is against her . She tries to change the thinking and digs her own hole.  She tries to make changes but people laugh at her.  She is body-shammed,  slut-shammed, fat-shammed not only by men but also by women around.  She looses confidence to come back but still she survives in this world. She is pointed as rebellious to stand up for her own self.  This all cripples her from inside but still she smiles and everyone expect her to do that,  because she is a girl,  she needs to be tender and sweet.

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