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The Sky Filled With Dust and Smog

A severe rise in pollution in Delhi is always seen due to the stubble burning in Punjab leading to heavy smog covering the blue beautiful sky of Delhi

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Increasing pollution have become a major cause of concern for Delhiites in past few years. From last few years around the month of October and November Delhi people face a lot health issue, which varies from breathing problem to eyes burning sensation and all these health problems are the result of heavy and dense smog covering the blue beautiful sky of Delhi. Delhi pollution has not only affected people’s health but also has hampered studies of the school going children. Seeing the condition of Delhi’s atmosphere, the Delhi government had asked all the school to remain shut until the situation gets a little better. Different places of Delhi recorded a deteriorating condition of air quality index where in Rohini’s AQI was 495, Nehru Place was at the level of 491 and Jahangirpuri’s AQI was measured at the level of 488. Other parts of Delhi NCR were recorded with a hazardous air quality as well.  Due to this heavy smog Delhi has started to feel like a gas chamber where breathing for people is becoming increasingly difficult with each passing day.

Seeing scenario like these the Kejriwal government did take some measures and started the infamous and widely joked about scheme of ‘Odd and Even’, once again to cut down the pollution level. By far the act is going well and has claimed to reduce the pollution by 25%. The government’s odd and even scheme came into effect on November 4 and was continued till 15th November. The first day of odd-even rule reportedly resulted a major dip in pollution level. Simultaneously 233 challans were issued on the first day when the scheme rolled out, however there still is no major change in reduction of pollution.

Pollution in Delhi is a result of Punjab’s stubble burning which had broken down all the records in this year. By far there is a growth of 12% in stubble burning in Punjab. Where, in the year 2018, 43339 stubbles were burnt down in 51 days and in the year 2019 the number increased to 48684 in the same number of days. A dense layer of smog is hovering in the sky of Delhi which eventually is causing health hazardous problems to people.

The pollution in the national capital still continues to go down the tubes as no improvement in the AQI is reported. On Sunday the Air quality index of Delhi was docking at the level of 311 which still proves to be fraught with danger for people’s health. As per the AQI data major pollutants 2 PM and 10 PM docked at 203 and 214 respectively, both in “poor” category, in Lodhi road area. SAFAR (System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting Research) recommended people who are suffering with disease related to heart and lungs should avoid heavy exertion. Every time at the end of the year Delhi faces this severe health crisis due to smog which is caused by the stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana and each year there are losses of life reported.


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