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The Situation of Women During the Pandemic

Women of the country are facing many hardships due to Covid 19 lockdown. Either a house wife or a women working from home have all the burden on her shoulders.

Coronavirus is turning out to be one of the deadliest viruses in decades. Lakhs of people are infected, lakhs have lost their lives and many are on the verge of losing their lives. From the beginning of the lockdown we have seen a major downfall in the economy and the migrant labour crisis. However, no one ever talked about how a homemaker woman and working women have been affected by this catastrophe.

It is bizarre to see that we have completely forgotten to acknowledge the hardships women are facing during the time of the pandemic. The lockdown due to the pandemic has taken women back to an era where they spent a significant part of their day, cooking, cleaning, and managing family. However, there are those women as well who are working from their homes and simultaneously have to manage the family too.

The lockdown has increased many problems for women, domestic workers were forced to leave their respective jobs due to the lockdown, leaving household responsibilities on the shoulders of women. This added a huge unpaid care burden on them.

If a woman still has a job during the COVID 19 crisis, then she becomes a ‘two in one’ person.  Running from the kitchen while making breakfast to their room to attend a zoom meeting has now been the new life routine for them.

Due to this a ‘Me time’ for a woman now seems like a mirage. The consequences because of all these are that, a woman somewhere has now neglected vital sexual and reproductive health care for herself.

Even though India is in the phase of unlock, things are not going to get easier for a woman. Taking care of their children, managing home duties until school and day-cares open and handling the office work, a woman has to run from pillar to post to keep all the family members happy. However, the sad part is that we sometimes forget to give her the appreciation she deserves.

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