The Rules of Religion & Social Discipline

Human being is the most important social being. Human society is binding with societal norms and regulations and thus, the human world differs from the animal world. Social order and social control signify social discipline in human society. Different symbolic interactions mark the social discipline in human society.

The rules of religion play a vital role in framing social discipline in our society. Religion is the rules of faith and  practices in everyday life. It is hypothetically a science because cause & effects are not proved by findings. The rules of religion never encourage the taboos and superstitions in everyday life. It never permits to make the religious slave because it is dangerous and harmful for developed and progressive society as well as the world. The rules of religion always keep society in a progressive bonding of love, harmony, morality, living by mutual sharing and so forth. These are the main features of a disciplined society. In every religious faith, there is a set of rules for its followers. Every religion alerts it followers how to behave in everyday life reminding the magnitude of punishment after death. The politics of this verdict are to control one from indiscipline acts in the living stage.

The rules of religion teach to be non-violent, co-operative and others. It teaches to be obedient, royal, faithful, mutual respect, morality, etc. Morality and values yield a chain of discipline. It teaches for sacrifice and devotion. It teaches to love others, equity and justice.

Now our society is fractured and self-centred because everywhere there is indiscipline. Morality and values are neglected in daily life. The rules of religion are now teaching to be violent, hate to others, dominant and non-cooperative. Consequently, broken family and family relations are prominent in our society. Various types of discrimination for personal gain are prominent as well. Mutual respect and faith are disregarded. The social network of relations is determined by politics.

It is particularly for the cause of political benefit. Our politics is purposively doing this indiscipline. RSS, the Hindu rival group should remember about their politics of separation and violence because Hindutva never allow their acts.

So, there is urgent need of social integrity and bondage. Implication of rules of religion is needed to reform for social discipline as a step of social peace and liberty.

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