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The Relation Between Menstrual Cycle and Stress

Women are facing major problem when it comes to menstrual cycle. Due to stress during the lockdown women have been experiencing either heavy flow, irregularities or intense cramps during their periods.

This pandemic has caused distress to lakhs of people around the world. Most of the people are going through stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Another problem that has erupted during the time of lockdown, is the disrupting menstrual cycles of women. Across the globe, women have reported different experiences with their menstrual cycles during the lockdown.

A gynaecologist named Dr Anita Mitra who works along with the National Health Service in the UK conducted a poll revealing that, 65% of women have been experiencing either heavy flow, irregularities or intense cramps during their periods.

Dr. Anbha Singh who is a gynaecologist and IVF expert at the Shantah Fertility Centre says that most of her female patients complain about how they are facing irregular periods. After talking to them it was found that these women were going through huge stress during the pandemic crisis.  The global pandemic has increased stress problems in women resulting in hormonal imbalance

Practo, which is a very famous health platform in India has seen a surge in queries related to unanticipated irregularities in menstrual cycles and other period related issues. The digital platform offers telemedicine service, where a majority of women have reached to a gynaecologist under the lockdown.

The world is going through a phase where the mental health crisis and stress has taken over happiness. When it comes to a woman’s body then stress is one of the major causes of disrupting the hormonal balance resulting in irregular periods.

As per Dr. Sarah Toler who is a doctor of nursing practice in LA says, “Excess release of cortisol generally known as the stress hormone can suppress normal levels of reproductive hormones, leading to abnormal ovulation which disrupts a woman’s menstrual cycle.

According to a survey conducted by IIM Lucknow, fear is the most dominant emotions for 40 percent of Indians during the lockdown.

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