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The Relation between Bollywood and Nepotism

Kangana Ranaut’s twitter post has gone viral. She talks about how nepotism has destroyed the industry.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise has shaken the entire nation. His death has raised several questions over the B-town people and the industry.  After his death, social media has been divided into 2 parts and different people are talking about different perspectives.

Recently, a twitter post of Kangana Ranaut has gone viral related to Sushant’s demise. Kangana who is known for being vocal has disclosed various dark secrets of the Bollywood industry.

She says “Sushant Singh Rajput ki maut ne humein jhinjhor ke rakh diya hai, magar kuch is mein bhi ek parallel narrative chala rahe hai. Woh ye ki jinka dimaag kamzor hota hai woh depression mein aate hai aur suicide kar lete hai. Jo banda Stanford ki scholarship…woh rank-holder hai apne engineering ke entrance ki, uska dimaag kamzor kaise ho sakta hai? (Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has left all of us devastated, but some are looking for a parallel narrative even here. That whoever has a weak mind, they slip into depression and kill themselves. A guy who has a scholarship from Stanford… he is a rank holder of his engineering entrance, how can his mind be weak?)”

After this people started blasting Alia Bhat and Karan Johar. Karan Johar has also been accused of nepotism. In one of his episodes of “Koffee with Karan”, Kangana Ranaut called him the “Flagbearer of nepotism”.

A strong twitter campaign is going on in the name of #JusticeforSushanSinghRajput, claiming that the people in the industry have forced him to take this drastic step. The relation between Bollywood and nepotism is immemorial.  The production houses prefer star kids in any movie rather than taking a new face, despite the fact the the new face has the potential to perform well.

The battle of being an outsider vs nepotism has been raging on twitter since the news of Sushant’s demise. Various celebrities are making allegation towards how industry treats someone who is from the elite club of Bollywood and someone who has no godfather in the industry.

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