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The Reality Behind a Journalist’s Camera Lens

A profession filled with hurdles and struggles still a ton of people wants to be a journalist because of their passion towards the profession and the fire inside for revealing the truth to the masses.

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Journalism is a profession which has tremendous roles and responsibilities of informing and persuading people. Gathering raw information, making a whole package, improvising the news until it becomes a fully-fledged story so that it reach to masses and is easy for them to have an essence of the narrative, this whole procedure defines the profession of journalism in addition to do that, the industry needs brilliant reporter’s, news editors, camera person and an excellent teamwork. Each member has to play their roles very attentively as one piece of information carries a hundred meaning and emotion for the masses and to do that each and every team mate should be marvellous in their work. Lots and lots of people are engaged in this process and the major part is being done by the news anchors and the reporters who are working on the fields, these are the people  who runs from pillar to post and dawn to dusk to cover a single news story and to provide people the truth behind an incident.

A profession full of hurdles, tough situation and hardships which involves the risk of losing a life however still lot of people out there wants to become an anchor or a reporter not because of the name and fame, however, the fire which ignites inside them for revealing the reality behind an event and create awareness among the masses.

As a student of mass communication and journalism, I have faced ‘n’ number of situation where struggle, risk and hard work was involved, however that passion and fire inside my heart was there for keeping an opinion no matter how strongly diverse it was from others brought me to pursue this profession. As from my own experience being on field gives a feeling of being liberal and it helps in knowing other people with their thoughts and views. One of the most fascinating part on being over the field is that I get to meet these young kids now and then who have million and billions of dreams in their eyes and aspiration of becoming something and trying to bring a change in the stereotypical society which always tends to bring a smile on my face and make me proud of the choice which I have made in my life for choosing journalism as the only career option.

One of the most horrible and scary aspect of being into this profession is that journalists or reporters are always at the high verge of risking their lives while covering any kind of controversial topics or events. Renowned anchors and reporters always find themselves in trouble situation or gets threatening messages or abusive calls if they dare to show their rage and go against the people who are called as the mighty of powers.

A profession where there is no security of life and a high risk of getting shot someday or maybe abducted all because of their courageous write ups or reports however it never really stops these young minds, aspiring journalist and those people who holds a strong opinion and viewpoint towards a matter and feel like raising their voice against the wrongdoing. People like these wants to cover each and every story with utmost honesty to gain all the trust of the masses over media once again and letting the people know that yes there are still a lot of honest journalists left in the industry for the betterment of the people and their future.

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