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The Pressure of Online Classes

A 14 year old dalit girl attempted suicide in Kelara’s Malappuram district. The reason behind the suicide was that, she neither had smartphone or internet accessibility for attending the online classes.

As the world is fighting a global pandemic, the problems for students have increased. Late admission, delay of entrance exams, and online classes are the new rule book for students studying across the globe.  This situation is somewhat similar in India as well. For students studying in India, are left with no other option rather than attending online classes and siting for online examination due to the pandemic.

However, another side of the picture says, not every student has the privilege of accessing the internet along with a smartphone. Students living in rural areas barely can attend these online classes. One such incident happened in Kerela’s Malappuram district, where a 14 years old girl allegedly committed suicide over not having access to online classes.

According to NDTV’s and The Hindu’s report, the girl’s father is a daily wage laborer, and did not have a job for over two months during the lockdown.  His daughter asked him to get the tv fixed as she did not have a smartphone and the television in her house was not working.

As claimed by a senior police officer the girl set herself ablaze and scummed to death due to her injuries. Her father said she was a bright student and was worried as the family television was not working and she didn’t have any smartphone. Another family member quoted that the girl was depressed as she was unable to attend the online classes due to lack of resources. The girl was missing since afternoon after which her charged body was spotted not very far from her home.

A suicide note which said ‘I am leaving’ was also found, according to the sources of ‘The news minute’.

In the preliminary investigation, Mallapuram SP Abdul Kareem said “The online session named ‘First bell’ are telecast through VICTERS channel, under the State General Education Department, for  classes 1 to 12 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays”. MLA of the district Ubaid Hussain Thangal said authorities have failed in doing their homework before launching online classes and as a result, the student became the victim and lost her life.

However, the main issue culminates to a point that 64,000 out of the eight lakh students in Malappuram district do not have the facilities for availing online classes.

There are various other students who are facing the same problem. A few days back students of Delhi University were protesting on twitter, that there should be no online examinations, as many students may not be able to attend the exam due to lack of resources.

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