The Politician-Bourgeois-Academic Nexus

The standoff between the farmers and the govt. looks poised to stagger a little while longer than earlier anticipated. Leave alone how the government looks at the issue and the plight of the farmers who are being driven to the wall by the politician-bourgeois nexus. Not to be left behind, the so-called Indian educated elite also happen to have chipped in, and in my view, come across as the over pampered brats who have miserably failed to tell the grain from the chaff. Their track record, at least of most of them, especially over the past six years tells it all.

During a mathematical conference in Srinagar a couple of years ago, in his key-note address a familiar mathematician who is known to be overly visible in the Indian mathematical curcuit had the following to say in praise of working hard in a piece of work that appealed to the power of the mind as in mathematics: “How is it that to ensure and facilitate my participation in this conference, I as a mathematician have the good luck of being flown in from my place of work to Srinagar where my stay in a 5-star hotel including sumptuous meals and a handsome package as honorarium to boot, have all been taken care of by my hosts. Contrast this with the sweat and blood that a farmer has to toil through out there in the scorching sun on the field to earn his livelihood. All because I have toiled hard enough with my intellect whereas a labourer/farmer does not have such an easy and luxurious life as I have because, unlike me, they have no use for the intellect and all that all they (are constrained to) employ is the physical toil and labour”.

It’s possible that the said academician may not have been outrightly dismissive of those earning their livelihood by dint of hard, physical labour. But his utterances did bespeak a mindset that privileged white collar bourgeois culture over that where physical toil and labour happen to be the sole skill, the bailiwik if you like, to fall back upon. Doesn’t that qualify being rubbished as hypocritical, disgusting? Not exactly! To me that comes across as crass hubris and arrogance, something that’s execrable, plainly unconscionable! All that appears to be redolent of the politician-bourgeous-academician nexus.

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Written by M A Sofi


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