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The Importance of Mental Health

In day to day life we always neglect the importance of mental health. However when we listen people taking extreme steps due to adverse mental health, then alarm bell rings in our mind to give mental wellness the priority which it needs.

The year 2020 is proving to be one of the most devastating years in a decade. The world is fighting against the pandemic and people are forced to live under the lockdown. All of this is taking a toll on everyone’s mental health.

The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has shaken the entire nation, leaving people with tears in their eyes. According to the police no suicide note has been found yet. However, as per sources, Shushant was suffering from depression which drove him to take this drastic step of taking his own life. A person’s mental health is their golden wealth, if a person is dealing with depression or anxiety then it will eventually force him to take any kind of extreme step.

After the news, social media started to flood with various kinds of mental awareness post. However, the harsh reality is that it’s the demise of Sushant, which has forced people to consider mental wellness as a priority.  We live in a society that has double standards. Before the incident, no one talked about mental health which needs to be heard instead. Talking about mental health was a stigma in itself.

For a human being mental wellness and emotional stability matters the most. Nonetheless, Indian culture has portrayed mental wellness as a big issue, due to which people started to hide their feelings about mental stability. People suffering from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks need to be heard by others. I strongly believe that communication has power in itself. The 21st  century should all be about breaking the stigma and talking about the issue loud without any hesitation.

We as an individual need to realize the importance of mental health for us and others. Depression or anxiety not always depict sadness or grumpy mood.  A person can be smiling all the time yet feel hollow inside.  In such situation, it becomes difficult to understand what a person is suffering through, hence one should always be gentle and create an environment where people can feel comfortable and confide themselves.

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