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The Hardships Faced by Students During Pandemic

Students living in metro cities are facing a lot of problems. Landlords of these paying guest are harassing the tenants. Students are stuck with very less resource of proper food and nutrition.

Big cities have always been a pivot when it comes to higher education. Students from various small towns prefer coming to metro cities in search of better education, job, and a better life.  However, 2020 is proving to be a fatal year for these students. The global pandemic has left thousands of students from different areas stuck in the city where they were pursuing their education.

Delhi being the capital of the country, has a range of premium institutes and different central institutes. Students living in a city like Delhi face many challenges and one of them is expensive accommodation.

Often students end up living in small rooms with more than 4 to 5 residents so that the burden of rent is equally divided.  However, these students are facing a hard time during the COVID 19 crisis. Students from different areas are stuck in Delhi due to the lockdown. People don’t want to travel because of the high risk of infection.

Seeing the scenario, students are left with only one option, that is to stay in their respective PG’s. The landlords of these students are harassing them for rent.

The student’s federation of India (SFI) has formed the student’s Tenant Union in Delhi that seeks to mobilize and help them get through these difficult times.

For most of the parents, the safety of their daughter is the most serious concern, and COVID 19 pandemic has worsen the matter. Students are stuck with very less resource of proper food and nutrition. Another problem that emerges is the expense students are bearing.

Massive privatization of education has led to fee hikes, withdrawal of government fellowships, and hostel crisis. This has increased the burden of education on the students.

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