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The Fault in Parenting

Most of the parents, knowingly or not, are highly engaged with the practice of gender based discrimination. They are not much aware of the fact that they are encouraging the idea of gender based prejudices and presumptions in the upcoming generation. They (the new age kids) are already being intoxicated with the fact that their gender has a particular role and anything which would divert this criteria is ‘morally’ wrong. For example, parents scoffing their child for their actions and tagging that with the reference of the other gender. If you are identifying a violation of one’s moral due to someone’s action or behavior, it is better to make them realize their culpability without violating their moral or implementing gender or communal biasness.

Parenting plays a very important role in building the individual, we do know. What we don’t know, our exertions are being harnessed by the upcoming generation and there is a high possibility that they might get amplified. We are the construct that the coming generation will follow and thus establish a better society. I have no shame in admitting that I and the people my age have failed to build a better society, a society where a woman and a man can both be safe, where there will be no unjust on the basis of gender or community, where there will be no marginalization based on a particular community, gender or religion.

Apart from being amongst the leading countries of the world, we still lack the harmony in literal terms. Women safety has been encountered as a mere joke, communal harmony and equality is only the matter of public confrontation and oppression of the incapacitated has escalated.

Digging down a bit more, we will find out that the core reason to it is the way they have been parented. The very concealed truth, if we say so, remains the parental chauvinism. Sounds a bit odd, but this is quite the ‘hard to swallow truth’ for every parent! Yes Parental chauvinism is being practiced by most of the parents. A very common ideology that Parents follow, they want their children to accomplish what they have failed to accomplish as a child or a youngster. This leaves the child with an uncensored burden and unwitting oppression, most of the people fail to encounter this as an oppression.

Couples who are willing to start parenting should consider the pros and cons as well! A child will grow and contribute to the society full fledged. Building their mindsets in a way that they consider the actual vitality of equality and fundamental human rights is necessary and Parents have to be very cautious about every measure they take. After all, societal norms are a part of our of our life, the way we contribute to it, the way our society looks.

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