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The Era of Internalized Body Shaming

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We are called as our worst critics and when we talk about critics then there are ‘n’ numbers of cases and scenarios which flashes in our mind. Critics can harm one’s personality, mindset and even can leave scar marks over one’s mental health. One of the major criticism that always appears is in the form of body shaming. These two words itself carry a lot of pessimism, and in this era, body shaming has become a very serious concern for society. If we were to define body shaming, then we can say that it is the unfitting attitude or bizarre comments towards the person who is either too thin or fat or their dark and light complexion or even their height.

Body shaming is said to be worse than bullying since this issue can be considered as harassment and humiliation because the impact level it creates on the victim is so traumatizing and so intense that it leaves a cicatrix over the soul of the person which eventually becomes very difficult for the sufferer to overcome. Majority of the body-shaming cases are experienced by women as compared to men. The sad reality is that despite living in the era where social media has become a strong platform of awareness however the same platform emphasis on the ideation of outer beauty instead of the inner version of a person. Through social media, a lot of people succumb to the pressure of living that kind of lifestyle which a model has.

Simultaneously the same platform consists of some different kind of people as well, who take the body-shaming issue in a positive way and address them to the people over the internet without any hesitation. There are various influencers or social media star over the platform who are trying to clear the air of negativity for the people and help them to fight the body-shaming critics and help them to accept themselves for who they are. These influencers themselves have been body shammed at some point in their lives and by sharing their personal stories they help people to open up about the day to day cases their audiences goes through. Celebs like Kusha Kapila, Prajakta Koli and Sakshi Sindhwani have talked about the events they face now and then in their lives over their account on Instagram or Youtube handles in a very decent and chill way. According to them, one should face these kinds of occurrence with a bold answer to that.

Body shaming is a new evil in the society these days and people who body shame others are responsible for breaking other people’s self-confidence. These insane people have their own ideation of a girl or a boy who has to be thin, tall and fair if they want to be accepted by society. The irony of the issue is that no one wants to throw light on this particular topic and neither the victims wants to come out and open their heart about the critical situations they have gone through. It decreases the self-esteem of a person brick by brick eventually leading to depression.


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