The call for bottom-Up era

The world around us today has been changing and has already changed so much that it is hardly possible to identify who we are and why we exist. The change is an inevitable thing, as we all know and I dont need a thesis to justify this but, the direction of this change has to be determined by the polity, the citizenry and the moral-ethical philosophy of a nation-state. No matter how much we say that the boundaries of our nation-states have blurred with the notion of globalisation as an excellent arguement, we need to perhaps recollect the fact that, even today what makes laws and what implements those laws is the government in these individual states. The point I wish to argue in my article herein is that, what we need is a bottom up approach to accomodate, assimilate and encaptulate the needs of our nation rather than the top-down approach, we would be at a better position. For instance the farmers protests, in status quo what is happening? Nothing, the only thing that’s happening is the humiliation of these farmers who provide us with the grains we eat. Now imagine the entire country can run into a turmoil if these farmers stop caring about their country. The duty of the government is to take into account there concerns and take a step back if need be. How far can coercion take us? How far can we rise by killing and denying our own people? Not too far! We would simply be de-threading the national fiber of our country. The card of nationalism will itself ruin under the garbs of coercion then what shall the decision makers use to shake away the questions of its citizens? A country can only prosper when its citizenry keeps a check on its government and the government has a fear of disownment of itself by its people who entrusted it at the very first place.

I hope our farmers get justice. I hope they can live life of dignity, I hope the ones who feed us dont die hungry and I hope the government starts hearing its people because the power and time never remain in the hands of one thats their destroyer.

Jai Hind!

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