The Babri Demolition Verdict

With the hindsight of the pattern of the verdicts delivered by the SC in recent months, the writing was already on the wall that no major surprise was in store involving the special court appointed by the apex court which had pronounced its judgement today on the fate of 32 of those accused in the case including some senior BJP veterans for their involvement in provoking the pulling down of the Babri mosque in 6th Dec.1992. The fact that all of these criminals involved in the crime have been given a clean chit, without even attracting a mild opprobrium or a mere rap on the knuckles was a foregone conclusion. However, all that notwithstanding, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Come to think about it, the verdict has served to highlight what stands out as a  glaring fact that the interests of India as a country are at variance with the core ideology that powers the gameplan of the BJP as a political party. Indeed, now it has become abundantly clear that what suits the party’s scheme of things stands in open conflict with the idea of India as a modern country on march to progress and development. And conversely, what serves the larger interests of India as a nation with a glorious past and a promising future acts as a countervailing factor in terms of the BJP agenda for governance. The enactment of the Aug.5th betrayal and the accompanying humanitarian disaster in Kashmir which has brought unqualified shame and censure to India across the world is of a piece with this utterly baneful line of thinking of the party and its spin doctors.  Which is why, while the judicial verdict today is expected to deliver handsome dividends to the party in power – of course only in the short run – it would act as a watershed moment in the history of India, marking the country’s descent into a primitive, backward looking, banana republic ruled by a cabal of clueless, ignorant despots.

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Written by M A Sofi


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