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The Art and Practice of Falsehood

The violence that we see around ourselves is merely a consequence of an attempt to obfuscate the truth

“A lie has no legs to stands upon”, and so goes the saying. This phrase needs to be deconstructed to understand the larger picture it seeks to capture. Firstly, once a lie has been uttered, that is only meant to conceal a certain uncomfortable truth. And like the spread of the Covid virus, a lie once spoken does not rest there, because it has no legs to rest upon, literally. You have to invent yet another lie followed by many more lies to obfuscate previous lies and so on it grows, exponentially, if you like.

To illustrate, the state of Israel was conceived and brought to fruition on the strength of utter falsehood surrounding questionable references in Torah that the land they had forcibly usurped from the Palestinians in 1948 was ordained by God as being a bequest from their ancestors and hence to be retrieved and reclaimed as their lost land against all odds. In their scheme of things, this falsehood had to be perpetuated and sanctified by resorting to the most brazen ways including efforts to expand their dominion into the areas of West Bank and the Gaza strip which were exclusively inhabited by the Palestinians. This was achieved during yet another putsch in 1967 when they had annexed more and more areas extending from East Jerusalem to the Golan Heights in Syria into Israel. The subsequent developments involving the immiseration of the Palestinians through such barbaric acts as setting up jewish settlements in the West Bank and placing a moratorium on construction of new habitations by the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are all part of this grand Jewish expansion program.

Now closer home, hark back to 2002 when in a display of utter falsehood, a ruse was invented to unleash unprecedented violence and misery upon the Muslims of Gujarat and use that as the launching pad to access unbridled political power of an individual who continues to rule the roost to this day, 19 years since that falsehood was enacted. The subsequent chain of lies to cover the original lie led to a series of mysterious murders and fake encounters involving the likes of Ishrat Jahan, Haren Panday, Sohrabudin Sheikh, his wife Kauser Bi, Tulsi Prajapati and many others, apart from the illegal incarceration of the IPS officer Sanjay Bhatt of the Gujarat cadre. These lies were fabricated as tools to silence the voices who had merely dared to depose before the appropriate bodies to expose the bigger picture involving those who had masterminded the 2002 pogrom in the first place.

The unspeakable and, ubiquitous violence that we see around ourselves is merely a consequence of an attempt to obfuscate the truth that is sought to be obfuscated under the debris of falsehood being spun by those who live off on such falsehood. All said and done, a lie has a habit of leading to a dense web of far greater lies in an unsuccessful bid to be accepted as otherwise. The consoling thought, however, is that it’s only a matter of time before the true picture emerges and one is able to tell the grain from chaff.


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Written by M A Sofi


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