The Ant Theory(a reflexive analogy)

In the state of Bihar two small species of household ants exists, the ‘black’ and the ‘red’ ants. The opinion curated about the black ants are quite generous while for the latter its very harsh. The reason which undermines it is that the latter has formic acid which causes a mild itching sensation if bitten. But if this weightless creature bites you near the sensitive skin like near your eyes or lips it creates a mild more itching than usual. While on the other hand the ‘black ants’ doesn’t have the capacity to bite rather it creates a bit of tickling experience if it runs down your skin.

The same conditioning is about the people which exist in our society. The red ants are the ones who speak about the differences, inequality and the injustice caused by a regime. The regime being in power tries to crush them if they bit them on their eyes or lips. While, on the contrary the regime enjoys governing the ticklish power-less black ants.

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Written by Laxit


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