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That Elusive Collective Wisdom!

Irrespective of everything else, what does it mean for our culture? Sports are an integral part of our culture; Cricket is more so for India and Indians. With cricket being what it is for years and being accepted as such, doesn’t our whole cultural fabric lie punctured and ruptured? Being in denial mode won’t help us. Don’t we become a culture of shining hypocrisy and prevarication? Especially since even today everyone including all journals and TV channels – led by the Cricket world consisting of thousands of gentlemen and women – continues to talk about cricket matches as genuine competition? Do our boastful PM and others boasting of great India and our still much greater heritage realize the meaning of this? Don’t they feel like being constantly slapped by this open continuing massive fraud that is lying exposed for years? Doesn’t the edifice of Justice (supposed to be the backbone of any culture) lie crumbled and razed by none other than the Supreme Court of India? Have we not lost all sense of shame and conscientiousness? All these, or anything else that can be said, are gross understatements for what has been happening for last many years. Because it is something beyond description through words! 

First of all, the following is reproduced from ‘About Us’ on the website of ‘Voice of Margin (VOM).

‘…The entire idea is based on a single assumption. Collective wisdom is the best solution to all problems. But then, what happens when public opinion is moulded, manufactured and often propagandized? Vested interests jeopardize the equal distribution of resources, knowledge and information. People’s representatives tend to become people’s masters. Hunger for power leads to destabilizing every check and balance in the system. Legislative, execution and judiciary collude to rob even the last morsel from the poorest. That is where media can play its role in bringing back the stability through information and opinions.

But what happens, when even the media colludes with the same system and becomes an accomplice in the crime? Fake news, misinformation and propaganda to serve the people in power become the sole job of the media. When it creates a demigod of a demon and demonizes the distressed. When dummy enemies are created to distract from the real enemies. When it sides with the people in power shamelessly. When the media just becomes another advertiser for the government. At a time, when government policies determine the very existence of its citizens, it becomes even more imperative for the people to start participating in the process…..’

Please peruse and grasp above – it has been too beautifully and precisely articulated! Now please go through the following to see how each and every word of this rings absolutely true and very relevant.

A.  What We Know

Following all are foregone conclusions based on indisputable and indelible records now available publicly at one place through the book ‘We the Oodles’ ( ) and various links and references brought out in it. (If the world is unaware, it can’t be anybody else’s fault. The world must question its Media for its ignorance.) Today there is no scope left for any sound mind to have an iota of doubt about what all is stated below. All the more so since all those named in the book including the Supreme Court of India, the Prime Minister of India, and the Indian Media stalwarts for their proven culpability in a continuing open elephantine crime and fraud have continued to maintain the deafening silence though copies of the book were sent to them dutifully months ago.


  • All or almost all cricket matches we see on TV, are fixed, scripted ball by ball, just like theater (or movies).
  • Thus cricket is institutionally fixed, i.e. fixing being with full knowledge of and at the behest of ICC, various Cricket Boards, the cricket administration and coaches etc. themselves the world over.
  • Such total fixing in Cricket across all formats of the game has been continuing for more than a decade at least, even though publicly exposed first in January, 2013. That was long 8 years ago.
  • The team selection, the players, the pitch, the weather, swing or spin etc., thus can’t and don’t have any role in the outcome of a match, these may and shall have a say in the pre decided script for a match though.
  • All discussions regarding cricket on hours long shows in TV channels by cricketers, cricket experts, cricket journalists, through commentary by commentators or during it at the time of live coverage of matches, in pages of newspapers, in cricket magazines or other magazines, in cricket websites etc. continuously 24 x 7 for years and decades have all been trash, bunkum, nonsense, gibberish, rubbish. That means hundreds of tons of printed pages, millions of exchanges on internet, and hundreds of millions of hours of commentary and discussions on electronic media on Cricket have been total trash. By many commentators, cricketers and cricket experts, and cricket journalists, it has not been trash due to ignorance, but deliberately to hoodwink the masses.
  • Millions and millions have been heeding to that unaware of this; therefore having been badly fooled for ages. The editors and journalists bringing that to us have either been rogues or first rate idiots depending on level of their knowledge. Unmindful, hundreds of millions of us have been spending trillions of hours in discussions on cricket with fellow beings talking gibberish and bullshit.
  • Legendary and celebrity or rookie cricket players whether having clean or not so clean image – Tendulkars, Sehwags, Kumbles, Dravids, Kohlis, Dhonis, Pontings, Smiths, Bouchers, Bonds, Gillespies, Mcgraths, Akrams, Akhtars, Shakibs, Sangakaras, Malingas, Cooks, Roots, Butlers, Laras, Simmons’, Pollards, Poorans, Williamsons, and so on almost endlessly – all have been cheats and criminals involved in a massive fraud posing as if they had been playing natural competitive cricket while all along they had been playacting as per dictates of scripts.
  • Cricket is under total control of a very powerful, rather unimaginably powerful, syndicate/ underworld mafia. The scripting and fixing of matches is done to earn hundreds of billions of dollars every year for this syndicate in cricket betting indulged in by scores or hundreds of millions of addicted cricket bettors across the globe, at the same time keeping the suspecting or unsuspecting masses hooked on to the game.
  • While the viewers regularly wonder at the inexplicable cricket being played in the field, at celebrity players playing much below their capability to lose matches for their teams; these inexplicable happenings in the field beyond one’s wildest imagination result in big money for the all powerful syndicate. This is done under the garb of popular axioms like ‘Cricket is by Chance,’ or ‘Anything can happen anytime in Cricket.


Law and Judiciary:

  • The laid down human laws miserably fail when it comes to dealing with the powerful and protecting the masses. Blatant continuance of fake cricket undeterred and unquestioned despite lying publicly exposed for many years amply demonstrates this.
  • There are myriad law-enforcing agencies at work in India, catching small fish and big fish now and then and making news headlines. But all these have existence of no consequence when it comes to an all-encompassing fraud and crime.
  • Judiciary, at least in India, has absolutely no shame or qualms in not only being subservient to the powerful syndicate controlling Cricket but also in exhibiting that shamelessness.
  • The proceedings in the Supreme Court of India in WP (C) 1163/2017 and subsequently in CA 4235/2014 (with which the WP (C) 1163/2017 was effectively merged through the Court’s order) are an indelible testimony of judiciary and judicial systems in India being jokes, rudderless and backboneless entities, totally incapable of protecting the masses from massive organized crime and loot.
  • If the above left any doubt (though there is no place for any doubts), the way Supreme Court of India has continued to sleep for years over communications to it and grievances registered with it (the nature of contents registered as grievances by the Supreme Court of India being such that sleeping over same even for a few days would mean height of irresponsibility, if nothing else) in reference to above petitions, exposes this esteemed institution and hence the much acclaimed Judicial systems such as not to leave any doubt.
  • Thus Supreme Court of India through its actions and inactions has been instrumental in protecting a continuing gargantuan open public fraud and crime.
  • While the world generally awaits the deliberations and decisions in Courts with bated breaths, Supreme Court of India through its indefensible blatant actions and inactions has announced loud and clear that Judiciary and the legal world today had lost all the credibility and were nothing but puppets in some powerful hands. The whole legal fraternity is silent spectator to the shocking dereliction of duty and misdoings by the Supreme Court of India for years now. And it is this decadent Judiciary that shapes public life in many ways in India through its various judgments.
  • The Supreme Court of India is so power drunk and devoid of sense of duty that even appeals to it for protection from someone crusading against an international mafia, to which even Indian Government is an accessory, are simply thrown into dustbins.
  • Without having to go into voluminous documents and records and exercising brain much, one can know above to be true from the simple fact that the otherwise so sensitive and all powerful Supreme Court of India has chosen not to take any cognizance of the charges as above repeatedly over last few years through direct communications to it and publicly, since any action by it on these charges would only have exposed it and its masters to the public that otherwise remains mostly unaware and ignorant. Above all, people would have become aware of real character of Cricket that they blissfully remain ignorant of; and that would have cooked the goose of the mafia in whose wheels Supreme Court of India and Indian Government are mere cogs.

        PM Modi and His Government:

  • Despite all their pretensions and boastings, PM Modi and Indian government under him have willfully been a part and parcel of an international syndicate continuously looting scores of millions of addicted cricket bettors across the globe.
  • That is so even when it is in their clear knowledge that a part of this ill-gotten big money has been going to terror funding leading to killing of innocent Indians and other nationals by terrorists across the globe for years.
  • That is the opposite of zero tolerance against corruption as proclaimed by them.
  • Neither they nor any of millions of their die-hard admirers have or can have any defence for this culpability of theirs.


  • The Media is not only an accomplice in the colossal public crime and fraud; it is the real and the biggest facilitator of the same through continuous vigorous marketing of Cricket even now. That applies not only to Indian Media, but also to the World Media.
  • All the media editors of great fame and repute – Rajdeep Sardesais, Ravish Kumars, Arnab Goswamis, Marya Shakeels, Rahul Kanwals, N Rams etc., none excluded – are men/women of straw, if not rogues and rascals; since they have been maintaining a stunning silence on a continuing all-encompassing gargantuan open public fraud brought to their notice repeatedly over last many years and which should be known to them even otherwise if they were journalists worth their salt.
  • Similarly they have been maintaining a deafening silence on the culpability of Supreme Court of India and the Indian Government.
  • And these very editors express their wisdom on each and every matter under the sun day and night, influencing the opinions and thinking of millions of intellectual beings. How phony and comic it renders the human world!
  • They also act too righteous charging people and authorities often, posing to be the conscience keepers of the society. And yet their studied silence on an ongoing and exposed massive public fraud exposes them as top drawer hypocrites! Yes, our renowned and much venerated editors both from electronic and print media are big hypocrites!
  • The cricket journalists surviving on the fraud are a pitiable lot, since a very big fraud is the basis of their very existence and survival. But they themselves are to blame. For own survival, they continue to market a much harmful public fraud.

        Indo-Pak Relations and international ramifications:

  • The enmity between India and Pakistan is a big sham. The two countries playing fixed cricket matches between them for at least over a decade with full knowledge of their top political leadership can’t be enemy states.
  • While it shows how badly the general public and defence personnel in these two countries have remained fooled for decades by political leaders across parties. it also means a lot for international armament deals done in these countries ostensibly for protection from each other.
  • India shouting itself hoarse at all international forums about Pakistan aiding terrorism was a big hoax since whole Indian Establishment including its Judiciary and Media had themselves been aiding a big source of terror funding for over a decade, the gullible victim public and defence personnel remaining unaware or unconcerned.

B.  Let Us Think:

Let us now think a little in view of the above. I find above about cricket to be as mind-boggling and fairy tale like as anyone would think, or rather found so when it first occurred to me years ago. But I didn’t know how and why to disbelieve commonsense. I understand how difficult or rather impossible it is for an ordinary cricket fan in India to even dream that achievements of Tendulkar or Dravid or Kumble or Dhoni or Kohli were not a result of their ability to prevail over their opponents, but because their achievements had been scripted by some betting mafia. So must have been the case with many foreign legendary players. But hard facts or rather application of an unbiased and clear mind to hard facts tells us that it just couldn’t be any other way. Anyway, all this has already been established in Supreme Court of India – the highest possible platform for the Indian public – through a petition 3 long years ago. Whatever I have been trying to tell publicly since then is to make people understand and grasp the unbelievable, not to prove anything. Something needs be proved only once. And no one, not even Supreme Court of India, can question the affirmations made in the writ petition WP (C) 1163/2017 now after having disposed the petition without same having been questioned by the respondents or the Court then. There can be two reasons for no one questioning the contents of the petition. One, the contents were simply indisputable, not leaving any scope for any question. Two, as mentioned earlier, questioning and debating on the contents would have given the issue unavoidable publicity and made people aware of what was what which would have cooked the goose of the mafia. The fraud and crime prospers because the vast majority remains unaware of the stark reality regarding cricket. I had also challenged so in the petition that I could show to any jury how every match being played was scripted cricket (exactly same thing that Sanjeev Chawla is reported to have said years later). That challenge holds even today, though redundant now in view of the mafia agents themselves continuously telling so on social media and the contents of the petition already having been vindicated.

Over and above everything else, one interpretation of the Supreme Court order in the above petition – Heard Mr. Atul Kumar, the petitioner No.1 appearing in-person and Mr. Parag P. Tripathi, learned senior counsel appearing for the Committee of Administrators. In our considered opinion, the Committee of Administrators may take a decision with regard to the grievance made in this writ petition and submit a report, which shall be considered in the main proceedings that relates to B.C.C.I. The petitioners are at liberty to assist in the main case. With the aforesaid liberty and direction, the writ petition stands disposed of. There shall be no order as to costs. The interlocutory applications, if any, stand disposed of – could well be that it implied acceptance of genuineness of the contents of the petition (without any question) by the Court and the Court referred to the Committee of the Administrators (COA) of the BCCI for further action. Thereafter the COA acted for the mafia controlling Cricket (not against it) and everyone conveniently slept including the Court itself and the watchdog Media The facts establishing this have been chronicled in the book ‘We the Oodles.’ As Time was to reveal, it all was a ploy adopted not to do anything and let the fraud continue undeterred, even though no one could logically deny and question its existence as it had been claimed and brought out on record. This is also borne out by the facts on record that no other authority but the Registrar of Supreme Court of India refused to honour these orders of Court No. 1 of the Supreme Court of India time and again. Cricket being what it is also means that thousands of gentlemen and women connected with the staging and promotion of the fixed cricket matches in various ways are serving a massive public fraud, knowingly or unknowingly.

Now, many more times mind-boggling or unbelievable and scandalous is the fact that still the massive fraud is continuing too blatantly, prospering more every moment, and no one – the Judiciary, or the Government, or the multitude of political leaders belonging to various parties, or the horde of activists, or the bureaucracy and various law-enforcing authorities including the Police, or the public, or even the direct victims (the punters/bettors) – is at all concernedIt is like murders and rapes are taking place openly, and we, the self righteous beings, especially the Media editors – otherwise constantly shouting hoarse on even pick-pocketing – continue to move on unconcerned, shrugging our shoulders. Those lying completely exposed are continuing with their merry ways as ever. 24 x 7 news and discussions on cricket on TV channels and print media are still continuing as if Cricket was a competitive sport; even about one year after the key insider Sanjeev Chawla was reported to have said that all cricket matches were like movies directed by someone else, 3 years after same thing had been established in Supreme Court of India, 8 years after it was so stated publicly uncontested, and 4-5 years after even the agents of the fixers have daily been announcing same on the social media. That means a lot, whether we pay heed or not. Sun doesn’t cease to shine if we close our eyes and cover those with thick black cloth.

In end May, 2020, when Cricket was also under lockdown, it was media only that brought this out to us, ‘In his disclosure statement to the Delhi Police, Sanjeev Chawla, the prime accused in the 2000 Hansie Cronje match-fixing case, has said that “no cricket match is fairly played” and “…all the cricket matches which people see are fixed”. He also pointed to the involvement of “a very big syndicate/underworld mafia” that influences all cricket games that, according to him, were like “movies which are already being directed by someone”.  

In the statement, which is part of a supplementary charge sheet submitted to the court but doesn’t have the accused’s signature, Chawla revealed before the police that the syndicate had on its target the case’s investigation officer DCP (Crime Branch) Dr G Ram Gopal Naik and that his life was under threat.

The New Delhi-born and London-based alleged bookmaker, while confessing that he was involved in match-fixing for many years, said he could not give more details since “a very big syndicate/underworld mafia is involved in this matter and they are dangerous people and if he says anything they will get him killed”.’

Supreme Court of India continued to sleep and continues to sleep even though all this and much more were also brought to its notice through direct communications by me. One of the interlocutory applications that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India disposed without even having a look at it while disposing of our writ petition had requested for stay on IPL – the biggest scam of India as none other than the renowned ex-cricket captain of India, Bishan Singh Bedi, was to publicly say months later – bringing out the necessary grounds for such a request. While the Supreme Court Judges continue to enjoy fat salaries and perks, their studied inaction has already resulted in further loot worth hundreds of billions of dollars (that will be in the range of Rs. 10 lakh crore or more – no one knows the upper limit) per year for 3 long years by the betting mafia/ syndicate from the ignorant and unsuspecting scores of millions of addicted cricket bettors around the globe, majority of them being Indians. And the same still continues, increasing by leaps and bounds every passing day. There is no escape for the much revered Supreme Court of India from such a culpability that has sullied its reputation for ever. The above are only a few words, but please do pause and think what these mean, especially those who talk about and discuss scams worth a few hundreds or thousands of crores of rupees for months and years.

The way Supreme Court of India has acted in the matter is end of the world like, since the ultimate savior to whom a common Indian and public can look up to has chosen to act so unashamedly and irresponsibly! Honestly speaking, all the time I banked on the Supreme Court of India not letting itself exposed so naked, but alas! The great institution proved me wrong. But probably the Supreme Court of India could not foresee that belief in Truth and perseverance of someone will bring it to a stage where it just didn’t or couldn’t have any defence and would get exposed completely. Or was it plain helpless to act, being under the clutches of the all powerful mafia just like Government of India? Can it be a matter of convenience and/or sweet will for highly pampered CJI’s and judges of Supreme Court of India to sleep over an ongoing open public fraud of mind boggling proportions for years and years doing nothing when a responsible citizen (who also happened to be a retired bureaucrat of joint secretary level, winner of a national level award for crusade against corruption, having highlighted leakage of Rs 5000 crore per year through procurement from cartels in Indian Railways while working in the organization, and author of many books) had repeatedly been knocking at their door? The Court had every right and power to examine all the facts before it and declare that the contents of the petition were non-sense and punish the petitioner. But it didn’t do so as it couldn’t do so. Even though, the revelations by Al-Jazeera (chronicled in the book We the Oodles), Mr Bishan Singh Bedi and Sanjeev Chawla were to come out much later. What does the Court do? It sleeps and sleeps and let the fraud prosper more and more; in the process shaming any other irresponsible bureaucratic working. Disgusting!

However hard one may find to believe it, soon everyone in the media or the Cricket world had forgotten all about the explosive revelation by Sanjeev Chawla. It is the same media that goes on discussing about other petty or big public crimes for days and weeks. Can there be clearer or more obvious proof of culpability and total debasement of today’s Media, none of the renowned editors excluded? Not only this, in November, 2018, when Mr Bishan Singh Bedi had said this about IPL, ‘I don’t want to say anything about IPL, there is no bigger scam in India than IPL…I have a lot of experience in cricket, you can tell what is happening in what match. If we stay blind even while seeing, then it’s our choice…”; then also the Media and the world had chosen to continue to be blind and deaf. The Media has not only continued to be blind and deaf but also continues to sell the massive fraud to the gullible public as a great sport, feigning as if Mr Bedi or Mr Chawla had never said anything about what cricket was or had become.

It will be naïve for anyone to think that this malaise is limited to Cricket only. Let us not forget Football having much wider reach, and other sports. I believed, hopefully rightly, that once Cricket got duly questioned, skeletons from other cupboards would also start coming out and would suitably be dealt with. What I probably didn’t anticipate was that that made it all the more necessary for the syndicate controlling the world (as it now appears) that nothing was ever questioned by the totally pliable media, authorities, governments, and even judiciary.

This should also make us realize that much more than the players, the authorities are to blame for Cricket today to be what it is. Players are a highly talented lot who perform at the command of their superiors. CJIs and Vinod Rais (Vinod Rai was chairman, Committee of Administrators for BCCI; his culpability has been chronicled in the book We the Oodles) of the world with many others including PM Modi are the real or much greater culprits. They are the people whom history gave chance to correct the all prevalent deep rooted rot, but they chose the easy and self serving option of swimming with the stinking current.

One can still figure out those subservient to the syndicate not doing anything and aiding the fraud and crime. But what about public and the millions of intellectuals and thousands of activists crowding the social media! Why should they accept what is happening and be deadly quiet? Isn’t that really incomprehensible? One can’t but feel utterly helpless on the imprudence or sense (i.e. lack of sense) of proportion of the fellow human beings when they continue agitating or arguing day and night about the pettiest of matters or concerns that could even be non-existent or non-issues, but fail even to raise an eyebrow about a fraud and crime of such enormous proportions that is so surely and blatantly continuing.

It is amazing that people are not able to see that if the establishment and the media are so clearly and openly subservient to an underworld syndicate, they can’t be trusted for any matter. And their trustworthiness is essential for our overall welfare. Especially at present, that trustworthiness was very essential to deal with the calamity of Corona virus. We just don’t know how the public is being fooled/ conned by the authorities on Covid-19 for a year now and being made to pay too heavy a price; because it is same system and same authorities who so brazenly have been nurturing a very big public fraud. Strangely, yet we feel least bothered or concerned. Though we do feel concerned about everything else of past or present!

We all take pride in our religion, to whichever religion we belong to. And yet knowingly or unknowingly we all have been abusing that very religion by not only accepting but also celebrating an exposed and yet continuing public fraud and crime. We have been accepting and pursuing adharma nonchalantly while talking of dharma all the timeSinning together across religions, we have been indulging in inter-religion rivalry! That puts a big question mark on our collective wisdom that alone is supposed to be the best solution to all our problems as VOM has rightly (to my mind) put it. And this should worry us all a lot.

At a time, when government policies determine the very existence of its citizens, it becomes even more imperative for the people to start participating in the process….,’ says the VOM. But what when people refuse to participate using their inherent prudence, and feel happy to be puppets or zombies controlled by same Media (is our daily agenda not set by the Media?) whose true character is too disturbing? What when people become bound only by survival and self service? What when their own petty sins don’t let them raise voice against massive open crimes by the powerful from fear of retribution? What when people go on criticizing politicians, media, and establishment and yet continue to allow themselves to be governed by them only, shunning any attempts to fresh thinking and overhaul? What if so considered intellectuals of the society allow hypocrisy and conceit to govern them day and night? What if people just fail to come out of conditioning of their minds since childhood? What if people readily follow any agenda given by same self serving Media or politicians and refuse to pay heed to sanity only because proponent is not someone who has been vouched for by that rogue Media or is backed by those moron or rogue authorities? What is the alternative when collective wisdom of the people becomes a non-existent phrase?

This is the root problem today, and yet that elusive collective wisdom alone will have to find its moorings and assert itself. Any solution has to come from that collective wisdom only. As I continue saying, no one will come from other planets to solve our problems and improve our lot. The problems like mafia-pliant media, politicians, judiciary and bureaucracy; communal riots, electoral violence, by now famous or infamous farmers’ agitation in India, wars etc. emanate from this root problem – absence of collective wisdom. Collective debasement seems to have taken place of collective wisdom. Changing governments through democratic process does not mean or help much if basically we remain debased. Democracy has largely come to mean manipulation of voters and votes even misusing religion, caste, and creed – to win election by hook or by crook. 

Whether we understand it or not, whether we appreciate or not; media, politicians, judiciary and bureaucracy etc. as these exist are nothing but manifestations of the collective wisdom as it exists. Is it not a hard fact that the fraudulent Cricket so unabashedly perpetrated by the Media and the Establishment together is being gleefully accepted and celebrated by the collective wisdom of the populace as well? By millions of those intellectuals, editors, politicians, activists, scholars, writers, social workers, highly placed professionals and bureaucrats et al who don’t tire of exhibiting their wisdom and knowledge about everything on earth on social media, in media, and otherwise 24 x 7?

Whatever the reasons or explanations, as it stands, the people at large, especially in India, have failed to grasp and/or react to the enormity of a gargantuan public fraud continuing unashamedly even after lying totally exposed. Do they find themselves to be too inadequate to deal with it? They should know better. Nothing to blame them, since even more than score of the much learned and highly placed sitting judges of Supreme Court of India failed to comprehend and/or act years ago. Presidents of India and a very boastful and admired Prime Minister of India have similarly failed. People seem to have failed to fathom that all above means that they can’t trust their government or the systems, most significantly Media that controls their psyche and hence lives the most. By not realizing so, we fool and deceive ourselves.

Here we are: continuing to sell and buy a mammoth fraud as a sport. From our TV sets – from sports as well as news channels – cricket still continues to be talked about as if countries and teams were competing to win. This is happening continuously, 24 x 7. It is in this overall scenario that we continue to discuss about myriad issues like price hike, farmers’ bills, their agitation, mutterings here and there by leaders, isolated murders, police atrocities, communal riots etc. – rights and wrongs about everything. How ridiculous! When we, including all our self proclaimed conscience keepers on social media like Prashant Bhushans, Kunal Kamras, Subramanyam Swamis etc., keep quiet and thus accept such a big fraud so nonchalantly and even continue to celebrate our fictitious wins or brood over similar losses, what right or moral authority do we have of talking about right or wrong about any other matter? And those who are at the helm of this fraud are our celebrities and leaders in Corporate (many league teams are owned by them), politics, and media! Is it not height of our collective hypocrisy? If we contemplate at the macro level, the existence of much acclaimed hypocrite editors and activists is irrelevant and of no consequence to the mankind. Many revered preachers may also fall in the same category. They all are only serving self.

Irrespective of everything else, what does it mean for our culture? Sports are an integral part of our culture; Cricket is more so for India and Indians. With cricket being what it is for years and being accepted as such, doesn’t our whole cultural fabric lie punctured and ruptured? Being in denial mode won’t help us. Don’t we become a culture of shining hypocrisy and prevarication? Especially since even today everyone including all journals and TV channels – led by the Cricket world consisting of thousands of gentlemen and women – continues to talk about cricket matches as genuine competition? Do our boastful PM and others boasting of great India and our still much greater heritage realize the meaning of this? Don’t they feel like being constantly slapped by this open continuing massive fraud that is lying exposed for years? Doesn’t the edifice of Justice (supposed to be the backbone of any culture) lie crumbled and razed by none other than Supreme Court of India? Have we not lost all sense of shame and conscientiousness? All these, or anything else that can be said or would be, are gross understatements for what has been happening for last many years. Because it is something beyond description through words! 

The same will apply more or less to the world culture or humanity as a whole, since Cricket is an international sport, not confined to India. Countries like Australia, England, New Zealand, and South Africa also are as deep into this fraud as the countries of the Indian subcontinent. Of late more and more nations are joining in the fraud.

Let us try to perceive the overall scenario thus: There is a jar of pickles/sauce/chutney, one big spoon out of which is rotten/ contaminated for sure. Can we partake of the rest believing it to be good and edible? At present, we are going through our lives something like that, eating from a jar of pickles/chutney that we know or should know to be spoiled and poisonous for sure, and not bothering. We are spending our lives governed by/ under influence of systems overdue for an overhaul. Those in powerful positions and populace in general fail to comprehend or appreciate that overall degradation they contribute to, knowingly or unknowingly, will be harming them, their families and the coming generations also badly in one way or other at some point of time. No doubt, a lot of harm must have already been caused. We just couldn’t and can’t escape that.

Let us try to understand it from another illustration. Only two days back, in a multistoried complex near me, a big parapet wall at the end of a fire-landing at first floor of one of the blocks suddenly collapsed in late evening. By God’s grace, no one got hurt though it could have caused some dreadful casualties. It transpired that water stagnation and seepage had been taking place there for quite some time, and also big cracks were already visible. But all this continued to be ignored and not attended to, ultimately resulting in the collapse. Something similar to it is happening in the human world. Big cracks in our systems are too conspicuous in the form of continuance of fraudulent and fake Cricket too openly. And yet all the authorities and everyone else is ignoring the same, seemingly waiting for the inevitable collapse, though the same may take a few years or even decades. Let us not forget that the more we delay the more difficult and more expensive the repairs become. There is an old saying, ‘Nip the evil in the bud’; though we have already let the bud grow into a fully blossoming flower.

One has to be hopeful as long as one lives. That is the compulsion of life. Let us hope that better sense will prevail in us sometime along the line, before it is too late, and we shall indeed be wise collectively, sooner than later. Doesn’t matter whether it happens in my life time or after!

NB:  Above may be containing some or a lot of repetition of what I have said earlier, especially in the book ‘We the Oodles.’ But I hope it is a compact summary of something that is worth repeating a thousand times! Conditioning of minds over decades can’t be undone so easily, especially when the same, rooted in falsehood, continues to be reinforced by the all pervasive Media round the clock.



The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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