आवाम की आवाज ने हमेशा से ही देश की लोकतांत्रिक व्यवस्था को मजबूत किया है. देश की व्यवस्था को चलाने वाले संस्थानों तक आवाम की आवाज का पहुंचना जरूरी रहा है. इस काम को करने में सदियों से मीडिया की भूमिका अहम रही . मुश्किल हालातों से गुजर रहे देश में आवाम की आवाज बुलंद रहे और मजबूत भी,इसके लिए वाॅयस आॅफ मार्जिन एक सशक्त माध्यम साबित होगा. मैं वाॅयस आॅफ मार्जिन की पूरी टीम को बधाई देते हुए यह उम्मीद करता हूं कि आप एक टीम के तौर पर देश-समाज में हाशिये पर रह रहे लोगों की मजबूत आवाज बनेंगे. आप उन लोगों तक पहुंचेंगे जहां व्यवस्था के लोग नहीं पहुंच पाते हैं. ऐसे वक्त में जब समाज के सबसे निचले तबके के लोगों की आवाज दबी रह जाती है, वे अपनी समस्याओं के साथ संघर्ष करते रह जाते हैं. उस वक्त में वाॅयस आॅफ मार्जिन उनकी आवाज को एक रास्ता देगा. यह रास्ता गांव-कस्बों की पथरीली और कंटीले रास्तों से होते हुए देश के व्यवस्थापकों तक पहुंचे यही मेरी कामना है. आगे संघर्ष लंबा होगा, कई पड़ाव ऐसे आयेंगे जहां समझौते की स्थिति पैदा होगी. उस वक्त में ही आपकी कटिबद्धता की असल परीक्षा भी होगी. आपका मनोबल सदैव ऊंचा रहे ताकि आप तमाम विपरीत स्थितियों में समझौते और संघर्ष में से संघर्ष को ही चुने.

अशेष शुभकामनाएं

                                                                              Senior News Writer
                                                                                 Prabhat Khabar, Gaya



The name ‘Voice of Margin’ is itself a symbol of the voice of last person or citizen. This initiative is the requirement of our times specially since the power and powerful are being worshipped and admired. Hence we need to look at every aspect of society while striving to empower our democracy.

As I personally know Noor Fatima, because of her association with ‘The Core Indian’ team, and believe in her vision for people who have been marginalized, I wish her and her team for taking this beautiful initiative and starting this platform for free voice.

Best regards
Nasir Azmi
(Founder The Core Indian)



Voice of Margin is indeed the need of the hour. Uniquely designed by young change-makers who have studied from some of the leading educational institutions in India like Jamia Millia Islamia, this social enterprise is all set to capture the stories of people in their own words. India is a land of diversity. It is also a nation of multiple cultures, many of these cultural traditions having their roots in remote villages, especially among Adivasi and Dalit communities. The mainstream media in our country does not capture the stories of these communities. Voice of Margin is a unique social enterprise that uses the concept of Citizen Journalism to highlight the subaltern voices.

In order to capture multiple subaltern voices, this initiative has started building a huge consortium of grassroots-level organizations, which will act as reliable sources. While many of the stories will be present in the form of video bites and podcasts, a number of stories will also appear in the form of texts, which will be done by a team of dedicated volunteers, mostly students, teachers and practitioners of Journalism.

The best part about Voice of Margin is that it defines marginalization in terms of the context. Hence a Brahmin may be represented as marginalized in a certain economic context. Similarly, a Hindu may also be seen as marginalized in a state like Kashmir. At a time when the mainstream media has ceased to be a people’s media, this social enterprise is all set to fill up the void. I wish the organization all the success that it needs to establish itself.

Dr Avijit Chakravarti
Educator, Journalist and Development Advisor
(Visiting Faculty — MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia; Centre for Development Practice Ambedkar University; Jagan Institute of Management Studies and TERI School of Advanced Studies)


It gives me immense pleasure to learn the launch of Voice of Margin (VOM), an open digital media platform strengthened by the unique model of participatory citizen journalists. I hope it will cover a range of issues related with society and will gradually develop in a space where unheard voices will be accommodated and listened to. In this context, recent political, social and economical turbulences have shaped things in a distinct way that has resulted in the need to address the issue of media literacy, and make people aware and educate about their rights and well-being. I think it should be the responsibility of VOM to empower people and equip them to judge and make sense of any information and avoid misinformation or ‘infodemic’. I believe VOM will focus on this area of communication, as it could be used to enlarge the spectrum of its receivers at the micro-levels in our society. Also, it  would bring forward different marginalised identities including gender, caste, regional and cultural. I believe, with its unconventional approach and with the help of new media technology the platform will emerge to serve the purpose of millions of unheard population. My best wishes to the team of VOM and all round success for this initiative.

Sushil Yati
Asst. Prof. JIMS-VK, IP University, New Delhi



My best wishes to this noble and much needed venture that intends not to speak on behalf of others but rather make them speak. People associated with VOM are extremely talented with their hearts in the right place. I wish you a very successful future ahead.

Asad Ashraf

Founder – Karvaan India