Teaching is Out, Learning is IN!

It is easier to fool human beings than to convince them that they are being fooled.

My name is Zafar Satyavan. No, I do not believe in religion.. so please don’t start thinking hindu/muslim. I use this name to represent my own (not inherited or schooled..) thought process which is another story for another time. Born in Shillong, and having lived in Canada for almost 6 years, my outlook is global and completely human.

I am a Learning Specialist.. and this is an introduction to my book, Teaching is Out, Learning is IN!

Why..Teaching is Out, Learning is IN?

You may have seen someone wearing a t-shirt that said.. “I was born intelligent, education ruined me.” Perhaps that message was intended to recover some lost opportunity that lies in the wonders of childhood and the curious creativity of adolescence.The Vedic Rishis knew something that eludes our distracted mind today. At the same time,there must also have been some proclivity to an error of human nature that resulted in the decline of the Gurukul system. The four-fold division of society was fluid at first, that ensured a harmony of purpose, something that is not quite apparent but observable as physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual endeavor.I often wondered, while working the grueling night shift at a call-center in Bangalore, why the company did not have two sets of employees, one in the US and the other in India to provide 24/7 support, working through the day when we were awake and much more likely to avoid costly mistakes as the body would have received the proper amount of sleep at the proper time??

Welcome to India – a land of hi-tech knowledge workers and bullock carts with its owner plugged to his cell-phone, where you are going to bump into forms of God in every corner and every lane, and the irony – that you are equally liable to meet the Devil, the Rakshasa and the Asura in their many disguises and remain trapped in the Maa-Tricks of human foibles.Where you will be greeted with sublime expressions of tremendous depth and just across the road, you will find human beings sleeping with dogs. If you are not familiar with this land where cows and not human pedestrians have right-of-way, what will surprise you the most is that we are perfectly okay living day in and day out with such contradictions.Every year, thousands of graduates leave our institutions of learning without learning much but armed with a degree printed on maplitho paper that is meant to be a passport to a job and a life of meaning and purpose. Yet, in real life, the ones who “make it” are not necessarily the only ones who are academically inclined. Many other factors play a role and a few years spent in an ivy-league institution is an experience restricted to only a small minority.After all, how many of us have a degree from Harvard or Cambridge or IIT or IIM? And how many have the patience and Linguistic – Mathematical neural pathways, the primary pillarof most education systems globally, to pursue four-year degrees when important things can change in days rather than weeks??

Those institutions or that manner of thinking was erected during a phase of our civilization when there was no electricity and internet, minds that somehow believed in the shadows of a one-sided worldview with inhumanly drawn lines of passports and visas, erecting barriers between those who have access to pertinent knowledge – the kind that can solve issues here & now, and the ones who do not.The fundamental basis of that worldview is scarcity and a hierarchy of power energized by fossil fuel and a dying ideology that is based on an incomplete understanding on one hand and a deliberate manipulation of the human mind on the other.Not anymore, definitely not after 9-11. We are living with immense possibility, where anyone with the proper access to knowledge can create new avenues of expression that lies in the limitless creativity of human being.

Health, wealth, emotional well-being and spiritual insight is now potentially available to every single member of the human race.Indeed, what prevents the realization of universal health and prosperity is something completely different from previous challenges which were more external in character. What prevents us to realize the possibilities now is based more on personal consciousness than anything else.To use a metaphor for this reality, we can visualize the thought process of a fully empowered human as the movements of a Butterfly who enjoys complete awareness and perception. Humanity can now be divided on the scale of this knowing which translates into abundant health, wealth, love and inspiration.Those who firmly swear by the realities of scarcity, which can take physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual forms, are Caterpillars who neither see nor understand the value of the Z Axis of Being.There is a fundamental difference of perception between the two worlds. The Caterpillar that clings to familiar structures and established routines, seldom exploring other possibilities, perceives the Butterfly as someone completely unstable and insecure. However, once initiated into the world of the Butterfly, would any Caterpillar consider returning to its limited roots?In the linear world of the Caterpillar, where everything is still confined to pen and paper, rules and regulations, haves and have-nots, the Z axis has only intellectual value much like knowing all about bicycles or a surf-board without actually exploring the possibility of experiencing new waves of joy and ecstasy.So, what is the Z axis? What separates the Caterpillars from the Butterflies and how can we bridge that gap?The intent of this book is to answer precisely that.

If you want to read the rest of this book (a labor of love after a decade of research) DM me on twitter@zafarsatyavan

Thank you for reading this!

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