Syllabus of Indian Democracy

This article does not deal with any curriculum for achieving any certificate/diploma or degree.  In India, the democracy has a particular syllabus. Like technical education it is extensively practical based. If we realize broadly, everything in our daily has a syllabus.  The syllabus is not only restricted in school, college or university curriculum for a particular subject towards attaining a certificate/degree.  The syllabus of the democracy designs according to the nature, function and structure of a political party. So, it is loaded with political orientation. In this syllabus of the democracy, theory is less important than the practical.

Therefore, what is the practical syllabus of the democracy?  It can be designed in the following parameters-

(i)Voting rights of people in democracy- the people are eligible to vote not according to their choice. It is as per force of power of the particular political party.

(ii)The democracy is restricted within the realm of ruling power in government. Functions and activities of government (ruling political party) are always considered as the functions of democracy.

(iii)A few people would rule majority. They would make rule, discipline and everything what they think.

(iv)Autocrats cry for the democracy. They would finger towards others that they are victims of the democracy.

(v)Voters are only eligible to get dole. The effort is to make voters dependent. Never make them independent.

(vi)Poverty is a commodity of the democracy. It strengthens the hands of the political party. Every time the political parties would cry and spread some seeds as curative service. No such effort takes as remedy as rehabilitative and preventive services.

(vii)Voters should praise the ruling party in government. No criticism is allowed.

(viii)Voters should join in meeting and a procession when the political party calls for.

(ix)Involvement in corruption/indulgences in any type by anyone is encouraged, if  he/she should share/siphon the profit to the political party(particularly in government) and administration hierarchically.

(x)It encourages compromised living because injustice is a common matter when it goes against ruling political party.

(xi)Create an environment of instability.  

(xii)Once a political party may be opponent and it calls for agitation/strike/protest (which hardly helps to meet a desired target and many times it is a tool of political warning up) against ruling government(party). But when this particular party would be in power, on one is allowed to strike/protest against the same issue which was practically a false promise.

If a democratic people (voter) does not obey the above syllabus, he/she would be out of the syllabus. The consequences are physical and mental harassment, torture, and so forth. His/her life would be gone to the hail.

So, everybody in the democracy should stay in the syllabus. It might be a democratic warning to all to keep safe and to ensure living in peace in the democracy.

Last of all, the slogan of the democracy is –   “stay in the syllabus, live in peace.”

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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