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Survival and Kindness

Residing from the beautiful town of the hills, I did not know much about the life of people in plains. But I had heard they had better access to education, so my father allowed me to study in plains. It was hard adjusting to the weather as it used to kill me everyday thinking about the heat; I somehow learnt to survive. Which made me realize everyone is “learning” survival in their own way.

Ever since life originated on this blue marble of ours, floating in space with a glimmer of hope that there is another “life”apart from here, we are doing nothing apart from learning how to survive. For example, I am learning how to survive without books ever since PDFs became a thing. I know it is a lame example, but isn’t it me thriving without books? Or may I quote something better for you. Something relatable?

We everyday are learning to survive from something which will be eventually taken away from us because of “time.”  Survival however will always differ for you and me;  but will always be ruled by time. For a girl in the slums survival without food for days is something she has to learn but survival for you might be just getting out of bed and cooking something healthy rather than ordering food today.

For a boy who lost his leg to accident survival might be learning to walk without it, for a trans survival might be walking among the market without being called out, for your parents survival might be going to office everyday providing you with something they lacked, for a child who just grew baby teeth survival is being able to chew, for a doctor survival might be saving lives of others, for a teacher teaching is survival and so on. Which makes us think, if everybody is learning survival; why differ?

Survival isn’t small or big. Depends on your perspective how you fathom it. We are here for a short span of time; too less that all we do is learn surviving; and if its something all of us all collective species face why classify it as small or big? That is why in this journey called life; where everyone is learning how to thrive in their own way, it takes courage to be kind. I choose it and I know why. I hope you do too.

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