Students Life: His Strenuousness and His Strategy

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”(Albert Einstein)

Student, it’s easy to say he is a student, but it’s just as hard to describe how his life is going. A victim of defamation, but he can’t suite .words are roaming around his mind, psychologically disturbed, victimized by everyone.Parents should be aware of what is happening with their child, is he mentally fit. Is he is willing to do what we want him to do?

Students may be ambivalent about dependence and independence. Some will openly ask for parents support and others won’t tell parents important details, what actually they want, where they want to go, which profession do they want, allow them to do what they want, allow them in which they are feasible. Be their mentor, supporters not an atrocious creature, not an abhorrent person. By doing so, you are just crushing his wings. This is what happening in the ground level, a child is like a puppet, what their parents want their child to do, whether he is ready for it or not, but he has to do it, and with the passage of time he can’t do which their parents are expecting and then torture on his mentality takes place which leads a great impact on his life, he starts abusing his destiny, and when he fails everywhere (because of past nasty decision ), then he starts consuming poisonous materials which not only his body but that material also affects him morally.

Parents previous experience and education don’t always equip them in cope with such pressures. Many students will not admit their problems due to various reasons and this affects their future prospects. And over a period of time, these can badly hamper a students psyche. Who is responsible for his life ,the life which has been ruined. I am not saying that Parents are obstacles, here i want to mention that after 10th or after higher secondary the child is enough smart, enough mature to decide ,what is good for him, which field is good for him. Upbring your child in a way that will be an everlasting memory for him. Discussion in dinner time that my child will opt that course without asking him leads to a serious collision.

Try to understand your child. There are many instances around us then why don’t you (parents) learn. Whenever we are being asked why you guys choose this profession/course, our answer is simply it’s our parents desire. Although a student tries to do better but whenever he looks on himself he feels that he is a burden, he felt ashamed on the position which he occupied.As a student ,my view point here is that when a student’s mind is fully open, he can do anything, he can wisely compress any difficulty. Parents should upbring their child very well but shouldn’t interfere with their desires. Be their mentor, supporters, hold their hands whenever they failed. When they (your child/student) faces failure in anywhere then at that time he is in need of support rather than a crucial/abusive words. Alama Iqbal calls them as “Shaheen”. An eagle never looks down. Recognize your child’s spirit. Try to emphasize your child whenever he faces failure and at that time shout in a loud, that you are our “Shaheen” Shaheen never give up


By Suhaib Rafi Mir, studying Law at department of law University of Kashmir



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