Struggle and Art

The movies we watch, the novels and stories we read, much can be written and spoken about any form of art but what is art if it is to be written in a few words? I would say art is a resource that connects man to man. Transmits a person’s feelings to another person. Makes one realize the sorrows and joys of the one in front. Art incites such a sense within you that you can feel what is going on inside the person.

Like art, struggle also brings man closer to man. This is not only the relationship between art and struggle but also their role or work. In struggle, people say their rights and lives are same and are united for them. They think they can come up with a solution together. The artist has to decide whether to stand with those who snatches the rights or with those struggling for their rights.

If an art does not teach a person to respect the other and rather see them as an enemy, then that art is insignificant and dangerous. In the same way if a struggle instills in you the pride of being superior and in which a person of any other religion, race, caste or other region is not considered a human being then that struggle is also dangerous.

In the struggle for rights and truth, our farmer brothers and sisters are working hard for everyone to realize the dream of a better human life where there will be justice for all, there will be bread for all. Everyone will live with pride.

Salute to the struggles and art that seeks the welfare of all.


The author of this article is Jatinder Mauher. This article has been published in the Trolley Times Vol-1 

The translation of this article from Punjabi to English has been done by Navdeepkaur Waraich.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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