Stop wearing your mask__unexpected twist.

Before covid-19,NO ONE amoung us weared a mask like we wore since this pandemic.Wearing a mask does not put a person in danger of suffocating what most of Ours now-a-days psychology of mind is and we start to respond by hyperventillating.problem lies with the fact that the mask is tricking our body of getting less oxygen and we become anxious or panic that in this case of trouble breathing we need to do something about it and the result is psychological impact.What am i going to mention is not controversial at all, it is not about surgical masks rather we need to wear surgical mask and we need to follow guidelines . Threat of being infected with covid,threat to contract the virus cause anxiety ,phobia,fear etc .There is need to
-Take-off your mask of anxiety
-Take off your mask of fear
-Take off your mask of arrogance towards this pandemic
-Take off your mask of phobia.
-Take off your mask of arrogance that i know virus is not going to affect me.
-Take off your mask of Resistance developed in you .
-Take off your mask that causes /form the root cause anxiety.
-Take off your mask that hides your abilities,your creativty,your productivty,your capabilities.
Take off your mask of ignorance towards the SOP’s .
-Take off your mask of  ignorance wrapped in arrogance inside apathy.
Take off your masks from social gatherings.
Take off your mask to wilful endangering of everyone by crowding.
Take off your mask from willfull ignorance.
Take off your mask to avoid health informations.
Take off your mask from conflict with social benefits.
Take off your mask of being selfish in your decision to test for covid -19
Take off your mask,to put others in danger if infected
Take off your mask in taking inappropraite measure.
Take off your mask from costly social distancing measures ,simply self-isolate yourself if infected.
Take off of your mask from being super speaders
Take off your mask from taking covid 19 as myth .
Take off your mask from strategic ignorance
Take off your mask from anti-intellectualism.
Take off your mask from  anti-science sentiment .
Take off your mask from poor policy decision.
Take off your mask from ill preparedness.
Take off your mask from arguments.
Take off your mask from ineffective measure invented by your own.
Take off your mask from Thoughts of blame, worry or fear.
Take off your mask from Fear of being stigmatized 
We are ignorant that we are ignorant.we must shed our arrogance againts covid as it has taken more than 867k lives and infected nearly 26.2M globally.The World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has routinely reminded world leaders to act in solidarity and innovate ways to diminish the disruptions of the disease .The arrogance of ours is turning a deaf ear to the WHO’s guidelines as we are immune to covid 19.Despite the virus is behaving like cosmopolitan species — a highly mobile, super-numerous and super-networked one its range extends across all of the world in appropriate habitats and we fail to give the attention and priorty it needs.we need to follow strategic recommendations and policies.Corovirus will Remain alive it can only be subdued that too by following guidelines,Strict appropraite precaution measures etc .We need to distant our old with our new behaviour then Social distance May give us benefit ,due to our failure at intial stage we are now at this stage from arrogance to dalliance.we need to —
-Stay aware of latest accurate, reliable information on the covid 19 and we must implement that too in our daily activities to keep it at bay.
-Be unpredictable about the situation ,dont make your false pridictions on Covid 19.
-Avoid social gatherings ,crowded places ,maintain physical distance.
-Concerns of our physical safety and that of others.
-SHow kindness and support people .
-Wear mask in public settings but keep N 95 for healthcare workers or first responders as these are critical supplies that should be reserved,dont use mask meant for healthcare workers.The CDC and WHO recommend that people wear cloth face coverings in public when social distancing is difficult.
-Be alert for symptoms of Covid 19 and follow CDC(centre for disease control and prevention) guideline if symptoms develop.
– Follow simple precation to reduce the chances of contracting virus like close contact,restrict travel,maitain hygiene,keep things clean .
-Safety tips against covid 19 can work Amazing but you need to take.
-Boost our immune system with essential nutrients ,immune friendly and healthy ingredients .

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